It has only been two weeks since I got my bike alarm and posted an article about it so you might think more time should pass before I say anything more about it. But, hey, I really like this little fella. My only regret in buying it is that I didn’t do it much sooner. I have long thought about adding an alarm but I just never  did … not until a fellow trike rider posted about it on Facebook. If you read my first posting you already know that I bought two alarms. The first one is more less a Chinese knockoff of a more less brand name Chinese alarm. Since I already had the first one mounted on my trike and didn’t have any immediate plans for it I left it mounted on my trike when the second alarm arrived. So I have both of them mounted. I use them when I get off of my trike leaving it unattended. They both claim a decibal level of 113 which seems fairly loud if you are outside. However when I go inside of a building or my house I can no longer hear them. My thinking is that these alarms mainly serve as “keeping an honest person honest” as they say … scaring off most people who might mess with the trike. At $17 it is a pretty cheap investment.

They work very good. The only problem I have is not remembering I have the alarm(s) set when I go to get back on my trike so I have often set off the alarms which is a bit embarrassing.

They are easy to mount and easy to use. Of course, I suggest mounting them underneath the trike out of sight. I highly recommend this alarm or, if not this one, there are gobs of others which I know nothing about.

Amazon sells this for $16.99. I got mine the following day after ordering them. Both the alarm and the remote control operate on AAA batteries. The remote control has a “panic button” so the alarm can be sounded manually using this button. And it has a pretty good range too. I tried it as far as about 200 feet but stopped at that so I don’t know how  much farther distance  they  will work. Like I said, it has only been a couple of weeks since I got these. IF they fail me in any way I will be sure to let you know.

So far they are great!



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Author: Steve Newbauer

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