By law many e-motors are restricted to certain speeds … usually 20 mph here in the United States. Some of us don’t agree to such laws. I readily admit I am among those who don’t think e-motors should have such restrictions. It makes no sense to restrict a motorized bike or trike to 20 mph when riders on non-motorized cycles can ride 30 plus mph.  There are ways to get around these built in restrictions but keep in mind modifying the system is against the  law. And it will void warranties. And it is harder on the bike/trike, especially the drive train. Things will wear out quicker and may even break.

Here is a simple DIY hack which should work on other systems which use a magnet on a wheel to sense the speed of the bike/trike.

The next video covers Tongsheng systems …

The next two videos covers Bafang …

The next video deals with Xplor Odyssey …

Many controllers simply have a wire for the speed limiter which is plugged together. Unplugging it shuts off the speed limiter.


Lastly Bosch is a popular e-motor system. The following deals with a hack for it.

For those who want more from their Bosch e-motor system there is a DIY hack using a $200 product which is very simple to install. It just plugs in using existing  wiring and connectors. It simply gets around the built in speed limiter. My understanding is it can be shut off and turned on so that the system can still operate as it did originally.

Installing the Speedbox involves removing the left side pedal, removing the left side cover of the Bosch emotor, unplugging two wire harness connections, plugging in two Speedbox connectors into those two unplugged Bosch connections, plugging the remaining two Speedbox connectors into the Bosch connectors you first unplugged. Test it to make sure it is working before putting things back together. It is all explained and illustrated in this next video.

Purchase a Speedbox version 3 on Amazon. Currently it is selling for $199. You can find it on Ebay and other websites as well. The price is all over the place.

I personally know very little about this gadget so I can’t advise anyone. I do know that they have had at least 3 versions of it thus far and the 3rd version shows it is for 2014 to 2020 Bosch systems. If you have an older or newer system you will need to research this for yourself if you are interested. Be aware that installing this for road use is against the law. Also be aware that installing it will void Bosch warranties.



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