We have a choice between lights which use throwaway batteries or rechargeable batteries. Of course, most lights have “built in” rechargeable batteries. But even if our lights use AA or AAA alkaline batteries we can use rechargeable cells like pictured above. Just be sure you don’t throw the rechargeable batteries away as they are a bit more expensive than those made to throw away. I use to use rechargeable cells but now my lights are all built in rechargeable batteries. I like the rechargeable lights with one exception … they don’t last long enough. That being said … some last longer than others. If you ride several hours a day you might run into trouble with your rechargeable lights not lasting long enough for the entire ride.

My headlights and tail lights are the same brand but the headlights’ charge lasts a lot longer than the tail lights do. So I have additional tail lights I can use if this happens. The problem is I don’t have any way of knowing if and when the tail lights shut off while I am riding. I don’t like that but that is just the way it is. Since I can’t see my tail lights without stopping, getting off and walking around behind my trike I sometimes ask someone if my tail lights are still on and flashing. My headlights’ charge lasts me 2 to 3  days. I have had rechargeable headlights that don’t last long enough for one day of riding. That problem resolved itself as the lights themselves did not last. I ended up throwing them away. I am well pleased with the headlights I have now. The price has come up since I bought mine, but it is still a relatively inexpensive light set to buy at $15.99 thru The shipping is free for Prime customers. I highly recommend this headlight. It is extremely bright on flash mode and definitely gets attention.

The tail lights in the video above are not the ones use daily that I have written about here. The ones I use daily I write of can be seen in the video below. They are the middle set.

I have changed my lighting around several times over the years. The setup I have now is much different than what is shown in this video. I don’t have the top ones at all anymore.

All my tail lights are mounted on the same bar. I have my BV tail lights on the outside ends. A 350 lumen rechargeable tail light is in the center and a AA alkaline battery powered tail light is mounted beside of it. I keep it there just in case my rechargeable tail lights fail me.

I have a free source of AA alkaline batteries from my wife’s employer but I had her stop bringing them home as I had way too many … far beyond what I could possibly use.  I still have quite a few of them left. And I still have rechargeable AA and AAA cells but I haven’t used them for years. When I still used them they lasted longer than the throwaway alkaline cells. So I am saying that I do recommend the rechargeable cells to anyone using removable AA and AAA batteries. They outperform regular alkaline cells.



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Author: Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at tadpolerider2 at gmail dot com (


  1. I use both power sources in my head lights but generally prefer using those that use the rechargeable AA. I use a “Busch & Müller IXON IQ Premium LED Front Light” which is powered by four AA batteries. A full charge lasts just over five hours and, should I need to, I can carry a spare set of AA’s or if caught out purchase a set from an all night filling station. The Ixon can be charged by plugging its charger into a socket on the light. It is bright enough for using on dark roads and it meets the stringent German regulations so is legal to use on European roads which means it does not dazzle other road users.

    In comparison, my no name internal Lion battery headlight is brighter, has a shorter run time and if used in traffic dazzles oncoming road users. So I restrict its use to daytime where I use it in pulsing mode.

    My rear lights (plural) tend to be AAA alkaline powered and like you I also mount one on my neck rest support. Again I run these in continuous mode at night and flash in the day. I wear spectacles and find that at night I can see some back scatter reflected in my glasses when I look to the side. In day time I just hope that two sets of lights don’t run out of energy on the same ride.

    I also ride with a head torch primarily in my bag to aid with road side repairs and battery swaps.

    In the future I plan to install some form of main/dipped beam light system switched from the handle bars. I will this use to persuade some drivers that they should dip their headlamps when they are driving towards me. At the moment I lean forward and briefly flash my no name headlamp which has the desired effect i.e. two can play the dazzle game.

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