Sylvia is indeed getting her kicks on route 66. Just over two weeks into her 9000 mile trike journey in the United States she is now in Oklahoma and doing OK. She set up her tent for the first time on this journey at a nearly deserted KOA campground. The video covers this.

Sylvia got to see the Roger Miller mural painted on the side of a building as she rode along thru one small town. Sylvia reports that riding her trike along U.S. 66 is about like riding on a bike path as she has had so little traffic to deal with.

I vaguely remember watching the tv show “Route 66”. I know it starred Officer Pete Malloy of Adam 12 … Martin Milner. I had forgotten who it co-starred so I had to look up the program online to find out … George Maharis. I watched a short video of the opening and closing of the program where they are driving the Corvette down a very dusty road and it looks horrible “as in”…  badly in need of a bath.

BTW, the very dusty road was Route 66 before it was all paved. Sylvia can be thankful she didn’t have to deal with that scenario. It is somewhat funny that I can’t remember anything from that tv show. I know they travelled the route picking up work here and there to support themselves but that is all I can remember about it. It was like Then Came Bronson but with a Corvette rather than a Harley Davidson.

Hopefully Sylvia will be able to …



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