I am now 76 years old. This morning a friend called me to tell me of the passing of a mutual friend. We all used to ride together. He was just a few weeks younger than me. Here is a picture of him on the bicycle along with another friend.

Having someone you know your own age die really brings home the fact that we are all nearing death. If fact, all my friends I have ridden with or do ride with are all living on borrowed time so to speak. We are all past 70 and according to God’s Word, we are all living on God’s grace when we go beyond 70 years of life. (Psalm 90:10)  I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of that.

Here is another picture of him  along with another friend and myself.

I watched my parents as they aged. Nearly all of their friends died several years before they did. My mom lived until 84 and my dad lived until 93. One can guesstimate how long they will live … for me perhaps half way in between my parents … 88 or so … but it would only be a guess. I could die before I finish composing this. We have no guarantees in life as to how long we will live. I am thankful that I am healthy. But even our health can change very quickly.

I am sure my friend who just died did not have a clue his death would occur when it did. That is not to say he went suddenly without any concept of the possibility of his being near death. I have no idea what all transpired for him near the end. I had no idea he had a staph infection in his leg which apparently worsened and entered his bloodstream where it reached his heart resulting in death. We emailed each other quite a bit but he never mentioned anything to me. I did notice that it had been a few days since I last heard anything from him. That was not unusual however so it was no clue anything was wrong.

He used to ride his diamond frame bike nearly every day. The others in our group all ride tadpole trikes and we have all motorized them which brought him to getting an e-bike … an expensive one … some $5000. He rode it for one year and part of a second year until his elderly mother needed his help in her daily care. That took him out of the picture and his like new e-bike just sat out in his garage. A couple of years passed by and during the time he developed poor blood circulation in his one foot which prevented him from being able to ride his bicycle anymore. He faithfully took care of his mother until her passing several months ago. Then he got tied up in dealing with her estate and finances. He inherited quite a lot of money but he didn’t get to spend hardly any of it.

Why am I telling you all of this, you may ask? That is a good question. If I come up with the answer I will be sure to get back to you. No, I am just kidding with you. Many of us are elderly and death is a certainty. Ten out of ten people will eventually die. That includes you and I. It is like taking a trip. It is best and most wise to prepare for it. It is most foolish not to. We all have a trip coming up. It is called “entering eternity”. There are only two destinations … heaven or hell. The choice is ours. Yes, it is our choice where we spend eternity. We make the choice in this life. Once we draw our last breath and experience our last heart beat our fate is sealed. We have made our choice and it is too late to make any changes. I won’t go on any more. Most likely you know the truth and are accountable for it. And if you don’t know the truth just click on the link below about the FREE GIFT. DEATH IS OUR STALKER! It will eventually find us and over take us. Be careful and be safe out there. And give serious thought to what lies beyond death. There is nothing more important and precious than your eternal soul.



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“NORMAL” is not coming back … JESUS IS!


Author: Steve Newbauer

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