Fellow tadpole rider Sylvia Halpern on her 9000 miile trike journey stated while riding in my State, Indiana “Indiana is a cycling dream state. I took small and quiet farm roads that had great scenery. It also helped that the weather improved. I loved every day cycling in Indiana.” My response to that is “wait, are we talking about the same state?” It is not the first time I have encountered people whose thinking is much different than my own. My wife and I moved down to the Atlanta, GA area for ten years and thought that it was much more beautiful down there than up here in the north. I came back up here with a friend from down there and he commented that he thought it was much prettier up here. I thought he had slipped a gear or something. Different strokes as they say. Hey, Sylvia’s most recent video is of her riding in Indiana. Indiana, my home sweet home!

Moving right along … which she sure seems to be … 37 days to reach central Indiana and she has had some rain/storm days she didn’t ride … I think she is making very good progress on her journey. My wife and I were just down to Bedford area  just before Christmas in 2021. We drove down there to get a puppy we learned of. Bedford is a very hilly area and rather pretty … much different than where I live in northeastern Indiana. Sylvia reports “38 miles with 2600 ft of climbing”. I can believe that from what I saw of the area.

I wish she was riding thru Indiana further north than she is. I would love to be able to meet up with her and ride a ways along with her. But her route is too far south for me to do so. She has been changing her route since she got into Illinois and Indiana. She has been using Google Bicycle Routes taking their suggested roads and so very glad she did. She reports that she is thoroughly enjoying these alternate roads thru the countryside. I can tell she is in southern Indiana and not northern as she mentions more than once how incredibly smooth the roads are. Our roads up here in the north  are not smooth at all. Well, I guess I would not wish that on her. I am enjoying watching her videos and following her progress. God speed, Ms Sylvia! Be safe out there and enjoy the ride.



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“NORMAL” is not coming back … JESUS IS!






Author: Steve Newbauer

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