This north east Indiana multi-purpose trail is slowly being built. The Poka-Bache State Visionary Trail is 81 miles long running north and south from Ouabache State Park near Blufton  to Pokagon State Park north of Angola near the Michigan State Line. On the map above you can see the red which indicates the existing trail and the yellow which indicates the portions still needing to be built. I have ridden all of it in the top 3 counties. I have not ridden any of it in the 4th county in the south. When I rode the trail in Angola it was only in Angola. I see that they have extended it on further north to Pokagon State Park. I was not aware of that.

The map shown above is not truthful. They show the trail in Allen County where I live as being built all the way up to the county line. That is not true. They just started working on it this Spring. They are still clearing the land getting it ready to place a gravel surface on it before they pave it with asphalt. Right now the trail ends just a little way north of Carroll Road. The trail here in Allen County is built on an old railroad corridor and is named the Pufferbelly Trail.

It is named Pufferbelly after the steam locomotives that used to operate on the railroad that used to be there. The other three counties involved are dragging their feet on trail building. I am so glad Allen County is working at it and making progress. The trail is scheduled to be completed next year (2024). The next county north may not have their section built but at least I will be able to ride to the county line … another 4 miles further north than I can now. The Pufferbelly Trail has become one of my favorite local trails. Much of it is well shaded and there is enough curves in it to break up the normal boredom I find with many rail trails.

It surely is a very slow process … commitees meeting monthly … but very little seems to be happening.

Next up is a video of the groundbreaking ceremony for completing the trail up to the north county line …

Author: Steve Newbauer

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