Catrike makes a “frame bag” which looks similar to this bag but as you see this mounts to the seat back and does not require a frame to fit into. That means it will fit various brands and models of trikes. Smoky Mtn Saddlebag Max as it is called offers quite a bit of storage space. They have a Facebook page. Please note that this bag is not waterproof.

Don’t ask me why, but they call this one their black model  (makes no sense to me) …

And this one they call blue on black (makes sense to me) …

Poweron Cycling sells this bag for $65.  Their shipping charge is $13 to my address. Other well know online stores offer it as well … all for $65.  Utah Trikes shipping charge is $11. Amlings Cycle shipping charge is $10.


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Custom made safety flags seem to be popular and in demand. There are only a few sources I have heard of for them and I am not sure they are all still around. One of them I know that is is Lewis Ballie. You can visit his Facebook page HERE.

HERE is another source of custom flags.  And HERE is another one.  HERE is another one. Although I abhor the name ‘Devil Woman’ this flag maker chose I will include her HERE. In doing an online search for custom made recumbent flags I was surprised to discover how many search results turned up. These I have linked to are only a few of them.

And HERE is a website I recommend concerning safety flags. I fully agree with what they say. High visibility colors and lots of movement are required for a good safety flag. If a flag can’t be readily seen and attract attention it is worthless and serves no purpose. I see flags that can barely be seen up close much less farther away. I have had people tell me they saw my flags from over a half mile away.

I know that there are those who won’t use safety flags. They make ridiculous excuses like “a flag slows me down” or “I don’t like to hear the flapping”.  I would rather ride .5 mph slower while being seen then living dangerously not being seen. And I love hearing the flags flapping as I know they are doing their job keeping me safe.

Yes, I know there are lights … something I also highly recommend in addition to the safety flags. I have very bright flashing taillights and headlights which can be seen far off, but I have had people tell me that they saw my flags before they saw my lights.

Being seen will help us to …


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Are you concerned about vehicular traffic approaching you from behind and not knowing about it until they are passing you? Modern day technology is here to help . Check out these products …


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TerraCycle is well known for high quality products for us cyclists. Their flag holder (mount) is no exception. It is definitely more expensive than other flag holders I have seen ($38) but hey it is really well made and will definitely do a superb job of holding a flag pole. As you can see it is easy with this mount to adjust the angle forward to back of the flag pole (or even sideways if you have the mount positioned sideways on the trike).

It is available for both 1/4 inch and 6 mm flag poles. The mounting clamps are available in 1/2 thru 1 1/4 inch diameter or you can order it without any clamps. To order their flag pole mount click HERE

With these mounts the flag can be placed various places  … rear stays, seat frame … anywhere that will work for you. I highly recommend not having your flag pole positioned where people can get their eye poked out riding or walking into it. I see this all the time … flag poles that pose a serious threat of injury of others. Be considerate of others and think about what you are doing. Don’t be part of the problem. Wouldn’t you feel terrible if you were the cause of somebody losing their eye?

Personally I remove my two flags after each ride so I need a system which is easy and quick to do this. My Catrike flag pole holders work great for me but I had to come up with my own mounting system which wasn’t hard to do

If you have not come up with what works for you or if you want to possibly improve what you have consider these TerraCycle flag mounts.


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think it is safe to say that we humans are easily persuaded to buy things we would not have likely bought if we had not been exposed to advertising. I have long thought of adding turn signals to my trike and I have looked online a few different times for them. However, I never bought any until a couple of months ago when an ad I saw on Facebook caught my attention. I was hooked. I should have known better as I have learned that whatever the claim being made is, especially when it comes to “sale price” the item is usually at least twice as much as it can be found elsewhere if one bothers to look for it.  Such is the case with these turn signals. I stupidly bought them thru the FB ad only to find them for considerably less online later. The turn signal set arrived and I tried them out in the comfort of my living room before I installed them on my trike. They worked great inside of the house but out in the real world I quickly discovered that they are totally worthless in the daylight. The brightness of the sunlight makes it impossible to see the control panel. They would be fine using them in darkness as then you could see the lighted buttons. Yes, I have them installed now for a few weeks but I have not been able to use them at all. Totally worthless! The taillight and turn signals themselves are quite bright and can readily be seen. The problem is the rider simply can not tell if the lights are on or off. Totally worthless! HERE is the same taillight/turnsignal set for less than half of what I paid for it.

The control switch is wireless. As you can see there are “warning lights” in the center which definitely are attention getting. The only problem is if you dare use it you may attract the attention of the police as the idiots who designed and make these lights choice to use bright flashing red and blue LED lamps. Where I live that equates to the emergency lights on a police vehicle. I can just envision getting a ticket for impersonating a police vehicle. As much as I would like to be able to recommend this turn signal taillight combo, I can not. I can only repeat myself … TOTALLY WORTHLESS! (in the day light) … I am talking about the wireless controller used to turn the various lights on and off. There is no problem seeing the turn signals and warning lights.


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Terra Cycle (not to be confused with TerraTrike) makes some great accessories for our trikes. One of them is their seat side mounting kits for a bag so we have a really convenient means of storing stuff nearby us with ready access to it. We can easily reach it while seated on the trike. Here is a video featuring this mounting kit illustrating how it mounts and works.


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I have written about bar end mitts previously: My First Impressions and Now That I Have Used Them For Awhile. However with Winter approaching I thought I would write about them again. Back in 2018 I bought a pair and installed them on my trike. I have always struggled with cold hands and feet. And because of this I have tried several different things. Unfortunately I am unable to tell you that I have found something that really works well for me.

My opinion of the bar end mittens is mixed and hasn’t changed. I really like the concept but the actual experience of them is another matter. Two things come to mind … 1) the physical size of the bar end mitts and 2) the insulating quality factor of the bar end mitts. My bar end mitts come up lacking in both areas. My bar end mitts are way too small inside. They are too small even for my bare hands much less bulky gloves or mittens on my hands. Because of this my hands are in contact with my brake levers and those aluminum levers do get cold in the winter time. And the insulating quality of my bar end mitts do nothing to keep that cold from transferring right thru to my hands. Even with gloves or mittens the cold still gets conducted thru all the material involved. With gloves or mittens on there is not enough room inside of the bar end mitts to be comfortable and work the controls (twist shifters and brake levers). I used my bar end mitts one winter season and removed them in the Spring. I reinstalled them the next winter but removed them within a few weeks as they just don’t do the job for me. Just being too small and cramped up inside is enough to make for a bad experience for me. Some suggested to me that I should get bar end mitts that are made for an ATV as they are larger. I will say this about bar end mitts … a factor that I really liked is that they eliminate the wind/cold air by blocking it. I may look into the ATV size at some point in the future. Installing the ones like I have now presents a problem as a trike with vertical handlebars is different than a bicycle’s handlebars. Bicycle bar end mitts are not made for our trikes. It is hard to find really good and effective insulation and if and when you do it costs money. Admittedly, my bar end mitts were inexpensive. They have poor insulation qualities even though the ad said otherwise. It is kind of like many politicians … they’all say anything to get elected. Many manufacturers will say anything to sell their products. Hey, if you attempt to ride thru the winter maybe bar end mitts would help you to …


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readily admit that I have not been a big fan of rechargeable lights. I have had a well known brand name rechargeable headlight go bad on me soon after I paid good money for it. But I think it is mainly because the ones I have tried just don’t last long enough for my needs. They run out of charge before I am done riding. But that is just a part of it.  Another factor is that when they stop working they require a recharging which is impractical while out riding. With lights that run on alkaline batteries I can simply carry extra batteries with me to replace batteries which have ran down and be on my way quickly without further concern. I have found better lights which the battery charge lasts longer. My headlight usually provides two days of riding before needing recharged. Even when the red light comes on indicating recharging is needed the light still works quite well for another full day of riding. Well, anyway I have both types of lights I use so I am covered. My HEADLIGHT although only rated at 300 lumens is an excellent daytime light. I bought it 13 months ago and have been using it almost daily since. I have noticed that recently the charge is not lasting as long as it used to. Now I am charging it pretty much daily instead of every other day. That is what happens with Lithium-Ion batteries when they start to lose their life’s service. The light has held up well thus far … always dependable. So I assume I will eventually replace it with another one just like it. I already have a second one I can switch to at any time as it is mounted right beside of the one I use daily. At only $13 including a taillight which comes with it they are cheap enough. The taillight is quite bright also but the battery charge only lasts about 4 to 5 hours in them. Even so I am quite pleased with these lights for the money. A fellow tadpole trike rider really liked my headlight so he ordered one for his trike. I originally bought mine thru seeing the headlight flashing so brightly on yet another tadpole trike. I was quite impressed at how bright it appears. It really gets the attention of others. Of course, there are brighter lights but why … why would anybody think brighter is needed? I just want to be seen … not blind others and get them upset with me. I already get an occasional complaint about my headlight being too bright. I would rather have it said about me that “I am not too bright”. Hey, …


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Here is a video about adding solar panels to an e-trike to charge the battery. Tadpole rider, Alex Hofvander, shares about his system.

HERE are other videos of Alex.

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Anybody who has followed my blog for any length of time should know that I am a firm believer in “being seen”. I use and highly recommend bright flashing headlights and taillights as well as highly visible and attention getting safety flags. Thru the years I have employed several different lights and flags. I have made several changes and always tried to improve what I have. I am well pleased with all the lighting and flags I now have. This particular posting is concerning my taillights. Believe it or not, I have 8 of them on my trike. Seven of them can be seen in this video. The 8th one is in between the seat back and the trunk bag and points downward toward the pavement. It is only for riding at night which I rarely do. Normally I only have one taillight on as I ride and it is the middle top one. I only use the others when I am riding somewhere that I am concerned about extra visibility such as busy/dangerous streets and roads. When I turn 5 to 7 of them on you can bet traffic sees me. I look like an emergency vehicle all lit up with bright flashing lights. If I were to come upon a situation along a trail where I stopped to do maintenance work or help someone who had an accident and was injured I would use the extra lighting to be sure other trail users are aware and exercise caution as they approach. Thus far I am talking about daytime use. At nighttime I would only use the lights on flash mode where again I want to be sure others exercise caution approaching the area. I would never use my headlights or taillights on flash mode at night time otherwise as it is offensive and distracting to motorists as well as confusing to them as well. My point is concerning the multiple taillights … I have them if I need them and they can and do come in very handy.

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am sure some of you have seen people trying to sit themselves down on a tadpole trike and going about it all wrong. And for anyone who has physical issues such as balance, lack of mobility, etc. it can be dangerous to attempt if not being done properly. There are basically two ways to go about sitting down on a tadpole trike. One method is to step over the boom. The other method is to back up straddling the boom. Stepping over the boom can be quite dangerous and risky for some people, myself included, as they may misstep and trip themselves causing a nasty fall. As the saying goes, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT … AND DON’T WANT A REPEAT PERFORMANCE. So I always straddle my boom and back up. This video by Laid Back Cycles illustrates all of this as well as the assist bars which can be added to a trike.

Years ago I came upon these pictures another trike dealership made up. They are funny so I am including them here.


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seldom recommend products to others. My reasoning is I don’t want them to be upset with me if they don’t care for their purchase. Just because I like something and have been well satisfied does not mean someone else will. Anyway, today while I was out riding I looked down at my headlight and thought to myself that I was very pleased and impressed with it. So, guess what? I decided to recommend it to others.

Anybody looking for a good USB rechargeable headlight and taillight combo? I highly recommend this one. It is a 300 lumen BV made in China (what isn’t anymore?). I have been using it for several months now and really like it. It is plenty bright for daytime use … really gets attention. The charge usually lasts me at least two full riding days. Even when the red light comes on indicating low battery the light still lasts me all day and remains bright. It is fairly small yet extremely bright for daytime use (flash mode). It can be bought at various sources including Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. The price varies from one source to another. Right now the best price I have found online is $15.99 with free shipping at IberaUSA (BikePakMart). The taillight is also quite bright but it only lasts me about one day on a full charge. I seldom use the taillights but there is certainly nothing wrong with them.

As lumen rating goes 300 isn’t all that much nowadays  but I tell ya … I don’t think one would want or need anything brighter than this light for daytime use. It really gets attention! They advertise the taillight as”a bonus included free” and that is the way I look at it. I was buying a headlight not a taillight. It seems oftentimes headlights are advertised as a headlight-taillight combo. As I stated, there is nothing wrong with it. It too is quite bright and attention getting. I simply seldom use these taillights as I have other taillights I prefer over them. Believe it or not, I have 8 taillights mounted on my trike. I normally only use one but when I am riding out on a busy/dangerous road/street I turn others on to make sure traffic sees me. If I turn them all on I look like an emergency vehicle. They are handy if I come upon an accident scene or a trail maintenance stop.

To the naysayers who say that ya gotta have a headlight of well over 1000 lumen I say to you that you don’t know what you are talking about. Keep in mind I am talking about riding in the daytime … not after dark. I would be the first to agree that 300 lumen is quite insufficient for night time riding. 3000 lumen would be more in order. BUT IN THE DAYTIME 300 LUMEN IS QUITE SUFFICIENT.  Anything more is overkill and totally unnecessary. And brighter lights can be a menace to others. Even my 300 lumen headlight can be a problem for some people as they say it is way too bright and bothers them. It is rare for anyone to complain but it does happen. I just tell them “sorry, but I am trying to stay alive by being seen by motorists”.

So, if you are looking for a good headlight for daytime use (particularly in flash mode) I would think you would be well pleased with this light.


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For those who don’t care to venture out riding during colder temperatures there are “indoor trainers”. However nearly all of them are made for bicycles. They may or may not work on a tadpole trike. I highly recommend one that is made for tadpole trikes … the Sportcrafters trike trainer which is a set of rollers as shown above.

I would have one if I had the money to spend on one but I don’t so I stick with my bicycle trainer. It works but I know that the rollers would be far superior. I don’t usually ride indoors anyway. I go out thruout the winter months and ride boldly ride.

The Sportcrafters rollers come in two different models for tadpole trikes. They no longer offer their basic model. Now they have all models with built in resistance to provide a true workout. Here are the two models available for tadpole trikes:

OverDrive Trike Trainer (MR110) $199

Resistance mimics real-road conditions, and is well suited for active trike riders who want to maintain fitness. Click HERE to read more about it.

Double OverDrive Trike Trainer (MR120) $249

So many customers have asked for more resistance from the OverDrive trike trainer for strong interval sprints that we are happy to offer the Double OverDrive trike trainer with two identical progressive resistance drums.  Click HERE to read more about this model.

So if you are among those who don’t go outdoors and ride during colder temperatures and/or snow on the ground this is an option so that you can …


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Trident offers several accessories for their trikes. One of the newest to be added to their offerings is a canopy  which also incorporates a neckrest in its design. I have been seeing pictures of them lately. In 2019 Trident won the BentRider Recumbent Accessory of the Year Award for their canopy. I don’t know if there is any adjustment for the height but the frame is solid as in ‘not flexible’ so I don’t know how difficult it would be to get in and out of the seat since the canopy doesn’t move out of the way like those which are “spring loaded” and move up and out of the way when the front tie down is released. Perhaps it is short enough not to be in the way.

Without a front hold down I don’t know how this canopy would do in high winds or high speed. Definitely the canopy’s tubing framework would get a workout. The thickness of the tubing would come into play in this scenario. Hopefully it is thick enough not to bend when encountering wind. From my personal experience with my canopy I would be quite concerned about this canopy holding up to high winds.

I saw a picture of a tandem trike with two of these canopies installed on it. I would love to show the picture here but I don’t have permission to do so so I won’t. In the picture the canopies are low enough to offer more shade than they would be if they were high like the picture above.

Definitely canopies provide some protection from the sun and precipitation and help us to …


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Recumbent Trikes – The Essential Guide (2019 Edition)


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LOOSING IT HERE, BOSS! (my headlight , that is)

I assume most of us have come across items others have lost and I assume most of us have lost items.. The old adage “finders keepers, losers weepers” come to mind. If we are fortunate it evens out but we are not always fortunate. Definitely I have not been one to have things even out. In fact, I think the only thing I have found while out riding that was of any real value was a Cateye taillight. It is not as bright as some of the ones that have come along since it was manufactured but still it is fairly bright. I seldom use it however. Recently I lost a headlight which I valued and do miss. I was using a universal clamp I have had for quite some time. It adjusts to accommodate various lights. I had switched to this headlight just this morning when I lost it. Apparently I did not have the clamp tight enough to securely hold the headlight. I assume somebody got a nice headlight out of the deal. I thought I knew where I lost it as I noticed it was missing just a short distance past the area I thought I heard something drop. I went back to look for it but didn’t find it. I ended up retracing my ride all the way back home and back again to where I first turned around looking for it. I even got off of my trike and carefully walked around looking for it. No one was around when I had heard the sound of something dropping. I was going across a boardwalk at the time and was nearly at the end of it. So if it did fall there I am quite sure no one else got it. And after a very careful look (three times) for me to have not spotted it would have to mean that it fell and rolled somewhere where it is very well hidden. I had just put brand new batteries in it and it was flashing very brightly which should have made it pretty easy to spot. It is kind of a sickening feeling when you lose something you value. Yes, it can be replaced. I just don’t like wasting money buying something I already had and was working fine. Anyway I immediately went to the LBS (local bike shop … or local bike store) and bought a new headlight identical to it. I like having at least one battery (AA or AAA) powered headlight and taillight as I can change the batteries while I am out riding if I need to. And the batteries last a very long time compared to the rechargeable type. They are another story and have let me down more than once with no recourse while I am out riding. Well, as they say … that is my story and I am stuck with it. So if you are riding along and see a headlight laying near the trail flashing away … well, no, it is not likely mine. That would be too far for it to roll. Hopefully you won’t loose anything … especially anything of value … while you are out riding. It is no fun, I tell ya. It is definitely not my idea of …


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Oh by the way … since this happened I have removed the universal clamp mount (shown in the picture below) and am using the mounts that came with the lights I am now using. I added another mounting post opposite the one which Catrike has on the front derailleur post. It is working out well.


I  have written articles about bicycle lights before. Here goes another posting about them. With the invention of LED lights and the development of various lights over the years I think it is safe to say “we’ve come a long way”. It is my understanding that a standard automotive headlight is about 1200 lumens. A lumen is a measurement of brightness a light produces. I won’t bother giving the exact definition here as it is too technical for most of us to grasp much about what they say. HERE is a pretty good explanation of the whole enchilada which is easier to understand.

There are bicycle lights available that are way over the 1200 lumens of a car headlight. The NightRider 3600 Pro is claimed (by NightRider) to be the brightest headlight available currently (at the time I am writing this). 3600 lumens! Wow! That’s more than twice as bright as an automotive headlight. With that kind of brightness one could certainly OWN THE NIGHT.

If one is riding somewhere all by their lonesome away from others out in front of them having that kind of brightness is fabulous, especially at night time in the dark. However, if others are involved out in front of that bright light … well, first of all I pity them … and secondly shame on the one who would expose them to such brightness which most definitely is blinding. To make matters worse for some reason unknown to me most manufacturers of bicycle lights sold here in the United States shine up high rather than have a built in diffuser lens to prevent the light from doing so. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I seldom ride at night but when I do I am not looking for owls up in the trees so I sure don’t need my headlight to shine up high illuminating the trees. Even in the daytime bicycle headlights can be a problem for some folks who are out in front of these bright headlights that shine up way too high.

And the brighter the headlight the more of a problem they cause others. In flash mode in the daytime they could trigger seizures in some people. I think it high time that we cyclists unify and let the bicycle light manufacturers known that they need to do something about this matter. Our lights should be like the bottom illustration above.

Below is a picture of a bicycle headlight that is definitely blinding to anyone out in front of it. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS! This person should receive a ticket from a police officer. Such a cyclist is a menace!

Here is a picture of my own trike with my lighting all turned on in the daytime. As you can see it is blinding and I don’t even have any of these powerful lights I am writing about here. My brightest headlight in this picture is only 350 lumens. And I might add that the camera doesn’t really capture this like looking at it with one’s eyes. It is truly annoying, obnoxious and offensive. I have many times come upon bicyclists who have blinding lights on and it is really hard to see the pathway ahead because of it. One can try not to look at such lights but they still cause serious problems.

I don’t have a problem with these extremely bright lights so long as they are not shining up into my face. I am all for them as long as they are being used properly. What little night riding I have done on my trike most definitely I have experienced poor lighting vs. good lighting. I will take good lighting over poor lighting every time I am out there riding at night by myself in total darkness. Crashing into trees, riding over a cliff, etc. is not my favorite activity. BTW, I have written about blinding headlights before.

As I said, I don’t have extremely bright lights on my trike as I really don’t have need of them since most all of my riding is in the daytime. Here is the lighting I used to have … with the brightest headlight being 350 lumens. I had three headlights at the time this picture was taken. They were the same three that were in the picture above.

Actually I don’t even have any of these lights on my trike anymore as I have bought new lights since this picture was taken. My brightest headlight I have is 450 lumens with a diffuser lens but I seldom use it. I usually just use a 350 lumen headlight and it doesn’t have a diffuser lens. And I usually only have one headlight mounted at a time although I have others I could quickly add if I needed them. I would do so if I were to ride at night. I like the idea of owning the night and being able to see quite well where I am going.

Here are two 450 lumen headlights on my trike. They have a built in diffuser lens which keeps the light beam from shining up high blinding others. The red arrows point to the two headlights. The fence in the background is about 112 feet away.

UPDATE … I went out riding at night to test these lights. In the picture they look pretty bright but when I rode with them I was disappointed as they didn’t do the job as I had hoped. I certainly did not own the night with these headlights. In total darkness I certainly could not safely ride very fast as they just didn’t do the job. I even added one more light to these two and it made little difference.

One of my very favorite websites for viewing and comparing various headlights is HERE. You can select from a drop down list a headlight and then select another one from the other side. They will display side by side. Just use your cursor to move the blue divider from side to side to view the other light. And HERE is a similar website.



So by all means if you are riding at night by yourself you can OWN THE NIGHT too. But please don’t blind others … daytime or nighttime. We all want to and need to be safe out there and courteous to others. It can be done amigo. Does that sound like a spaghetti western? Oh never mind!


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VelTop offers canopies for recumbent bikes and trikes. Here are a some videos showing their offerings:

Canopies most definitely offer some added comfort and even safety to our ride and we all want to …


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have had several different headlights and taillights over the years. I have liked all of them except one. I have always had what I considered bright and effective lights as far as “being seen” … which, of course, is what it is all about. This year I have had a new friend who bought a tadpole trike and we ride together sometimes. I could not help but notice his lights as they are quite bright … brighter than mine and I always thought my headlight was pretty bright and attention getting on flash mode. When I asked him about them he told me how cheap they are. I have been using lights which take AAA batteries. They are excellent lights and I am continuing to use them as back up. These lights my friend have are USB rechargeable. The light I had which I didn’t like was USB rechargeable and the battery didn’t last nearly long enough for my daily rides so I stopped using it. It was super bright for riding at night but it had a pulse mode instead of a flash mode. The pulse mode was about worthless. I ended up throwing the light away recently as it stopped working … would no longer turn on at all. It was the most expensive headlight I have ever bought so I was not a happy camper nor was I impressed with its failure which happened all too soon. Anyway that is past history now. I bought two sets of these lights like my friend has. They are amazingly cheap … only $12.99 for the set on Amazon. They have a one year warranty which the company is quick to honor.

As you can see the taillight is rather small but don’t let that fool you. That thing is very bright. The headlight is 300 lumen which is not an extremely powerful light for night riding but in my opinion one doesn’t need anything more than this in the daytime. It has excellent lens optics so it is super bright. I have found that the lens optics in lights make all the difference. One can have more light from 300 lumens with high quality lens optics than another light with 1000 lumens has with poor quality lens optics. I wish I could demonstrate this light set to you as I am sure you would agree and be very impressed.

It is said to last about 7.5 hours on flash mode and that is what I have been experiencing. Amazon shows 12 plus hours but the manufacturer’s website has 7.5 hours. The taillights are suppose to last about 5 hours on flash mode which is what I have been experiencing. My friend says that his last about 7 hours but I am skeptical of that.

For those in need of lights I recommend these. They get the job done and one certainly can’t complain about the price. For daytime riding they are superb … like I said … they are all that is needed. I don’t ride at night normally so I can’t comment about how well the headlight is for night time riding. Certainly with only 1.5 hours battery life on full steady on power mode it isn’t going to be a very long ride. Hey, at only $12.99 get at least two sets and have twice the brightness out there for night riding.

Here is what is shown on Amazon about this light set: 

  • Micro USB rechargeable bike front light & tail light set – USB cord and a power source to recharge (computer, laptop or a cellphone Charger)
  • 300 Lumen headlight with 3 light modes: Run time steady (1.6 hrs) – 1/2 steady (3+ hrs.)- flash (12+ hrs.). compact rear taillight with 3 modes – Run time steady (1.5 hrs.) – 1/2 steady (2+ hrs.)- flash (5+ hrs.), with side visibility
  • Quick release – taillights: rubber straps attach and detach from bike easily without tools. Headlights: quick release mount allows headlight to removed from mount and used as a flashlight/ safety lights or for emergencies
  • Durable & water resistant – solid construction and water resistant IP44 rating ensures the light will stand up to the elements
  • 100% SATISFACTION : This product is covered by BV USA . We are so confident you will love this product that we offer 30 days money back with 1 year free replacement 



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Note … since I wrote this article I bought another USB rechargable headlight which was suppose to 1000 lumen and also a free taillight. The price was just slightly more than these others I wrote about above. When I received it the literature which came with it said that the light was only 450 lumen and there was no taillight shipped along with it. So now I am waiting for the seller to do whatever he is going to do. So far he hasn’t done much of anything. I ordered this new light because it has a diffuser lens which helps keep the light from shining up high and blinding people. It appears to be a well made headlight. I just hope they get this all straightened out. I am happy enough with the 450 lumen but if that is what they are sending out they need to change the ad since it clearly states 1000 lumen.