The NIRCC (Northeastern Indiana Regional Coordinating Council) has a website with some useful information. I just discovered in thanks to our local trails  senior manager who is in charge of trail planning and construction for Fort Wayne and Allen County. She sent me a link to the NIRCC website as I had emailed her asking a question about the status of the Poka-Bache State Visionary Trail. Allen County is currently working on the last section to be constructed in the north end of the county. Then Allen County will be thru with their  portion of the trail other than a connecting section between the north section and the southern section which is scheduled to be built in 2024. BTW, the Poka-Bache Trail is called the Pufferbelly Trail in Allen County.

I was hoping the two counties north of us will have their sections they are responsible for completed near the same time Allen County will have their section completed, but our trail manager said it will probably be another 15 years before the Poka-Bache Trail is completed. I doubt if I will still be alive in 15 years much less able to ride at all  let alone tackle the 81 mile long trail. On the map below sections that still need to be constructed are shown in yellow so you can see much remains to be done. … about 50 %.


Even Allen County has a southern section that still needs to be built. Allen County has constructed far more of the trail than any of the other counties involved. Dekalb County has done very little so far. The existing trail they have shown in red between Auburn and Waterloo has been in existence for a very long time … since 1976, some 47 years ago. In fact, it is referred to as Indiana’s first rail trail. I have ridden it 2 or 3 times. I have written one article on the Poka-Bache Trail in Auburn and Dekalb County. The 7 mile long section in Angola to the north was completed in 2009. I have ridden it once, but it was only in Angola and out to the north a little ways them. It did not go to Pokagon State Park then. I don’t know when they added that as I had never heard about it being built.

Anyway, this website provides information on each individual county and town/city involved in the construction of the Poka-Bache Trail as well as other trails and bike routes in N E Indiana.



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“NORMAL” is not coming back … JESUS IS!


Sylvia Halpern has started her latest trike journey here in the U.S. She has planned a 9000 mile long journey on her tadpole trike. Here are videos of day one and day two.  I would love to take such a journey, but alas it ain’t happening.

I have several articles on Sylvia I have posted previously.

Sylvia’s YouTube channel

Sylvia’s Facebook page

Details and Maps of my 9,000 mile USA Tour

Sylvia’s Tour Progress

Make a Donation

Banking While Cycle Touring

What is Patreon? Please consider joining

Concerns, Worries and Fears

Contact Sylvia …  not working as number of allowed emails has been exceeded for March



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Big Honkin’ Trike Rally, Inverness, FL 2023
This Trike Rally is a non-sponsored, non-supported and loosely organized event for mainly recumbent trike riders. The rally will last from Sunday, Feb 19, 2023, to Saturday, Feb 25, 2023. Participants can attend on one day or several. A list of area bike trails will be available in case you wish to explore other area trails. Participants can ride by themselves or in their own groups on any of the trails, or ride with the main group at the listed time and day. All rides will be out and back, so riders can ride at their own pace and distance. Wednesday, Feb 22 there will be no group ride as this is for participants to visit local attractions or ride on their own.
There is no fee and only one organized event – a barbeque meet and greet provided Sunday afternoon (Feb 19, 2023) by the Traveling Trikers/Citrus Cyclepaths group, free of charge to all persons attending the event. All are encouraged to attend this meet and greet where you can get to know some of your fellow trikers from around the country.
All rides will originate from the Depot (under the water tower) at Wallace Brooks Park, 208 N. Mill Ave, Inverness. All miles noted on the rides will be figured from the Depot.
A couple of administrative items: Please obey all trail rules and signage which include riding in single file when meeting, passing or being passed by other trikes/bikes or pedestrians (joggers, walkers), and always alert those you are passing with “On your left!” or bicycle bell. There are several road crossings on the Withlacoochee and other trails marked with stop signs for bikes. If vehicles are approaching, they have the legal right of way – however, most vehicles in this area are familiar with the trails and bikes and will stop to let you cross (do not take this for granted). Be sure the driver sees you and is definitely stopping for you before you proceed. If you are riding in a large group, please “double up” at these intersections in order to cross as quickly as possible.
NOTE: All rides are out and back, so distances are for total length, but anyone can turn around at any time to ride whatever they are comfortable with. No pressure on distance or speed!!
Sunday, Feb 19, 10 AM – NORTH WITHLACOOCHEE – meet at Depot for quick welcome ceremony and then ride the Withlacoochee Trail north from Depot to end of trail – approximately 32 miles round trip.
3:00 PM – Meet and Greet barbeque at 4382 E Amsterdam St/4361 E Bennett St (outdoors in back yards), Inverness – free of charge for rally attendees. Follow the pink arrows from the trail.
Monday, Feb 20, 9 AM – N. WITHLACOOCHEE/BLUE RUN TRAIL – travel on your own or meet at Depot in vehicles (trikes loaded) and convoy about 15 miles to the Gulf Junction Trailhead, 2233 W Magenta Dr, Citrus Springs FL 34434, to ride N. Withlacoochee Trail to Blue Run Trail connector– approximately 24 miles round trip. Return for lunch (on your own).
Tuesday, Feb 21, 9 AM – (drive out time if you plan to follow us!!) – SANTOS TRAIL – travel on your own OR meet at Depot parking lot in vehicles (with trikes loaded) and convoy about 30 miles to the Santos Trail, Landbridge Trailhead, 11100 SW 16th Ave, Ocala FL. Santos Trail is about 30 miles long round trip and is a hilly, curvy and fun trail to ride. However, if you do not have e-assist or are not a strong rider, we recommend you pick another trail to ride on this day, as the hills can be very challenging.
Wednesday, Feb 22 – OFF DAY. Enjoy the sights, visit Orlando (Disney World, Universal Studios, etc), Tampa (beaches, shopping, etc) or ride other area trails.
Thursday, Feb 23, 9 AM – SOUTH WITHLACOOCHEE – depart Depot and ride south on the Withlacoochee Trail to the end (or as far as you feel comfortable) – approximately 60 miles round trip. On your return ride, Mike and Susan Gaeta will be hosting a free hot dog social at their home in Floral City from 11:30 – 1:30. If you plan to attend, please be sure you turn around in time to reach the restrooms on the trail at Floral City by 1:00. From the restrooms, follow the pink “BHT” arrows to 8898 E Washington Lane. From restrooms, ride through the parking lot, take a left out of the parking lot to stop sign. Turn left and then first right (E Marvin St) in front of the school. Stay on Marvin for 4 blocks and turn left on S Annie Terrace. (Remember: follow the “BHT” signs) Their house is the last one on the left at the lake.
Friday, Feb 24, 9 AM (drive out time!!) – WITHLACOOCHEE BAY TRAIL – depart Depot and drive to 10247 N Suncoast Blvd, Crystal River, FL, approximately 25 miles. Trail is 7 miles long one way. Follows the abandoned cross-Florida canal. Short, scenic and ends at the Gulf of Mexico overlook.
Saturday, Feb 25 – Pack up and say “GoodBye” to Inverness! We hope you have enjoyed your visit!! Travelin’ Trikers
SUNCOAST PARKWAY, Lecanto FL (10 miles from Depot) Trail is approximately 60 miles long one way, almost to Tampa. Parallels turnpike, not too scenic but if you want to ride fast, this is the trail.
WEST ORANGE TRAIL, Winter Garden FL (52 miles from Depot) Trail is 22 miles long one way. Nice trail through scenic Winter Garden area.
VAN FLEET TRAIL, Polk City FL (74 miles from Depot). Trail is 29 miles long one way. It is very flat and straight, but with lots of opportunity to see interesting wildlife as you cross the Green Swamp.
GAINESVILLE/HAWTHORNE TRAIL – Gainesville/Hawthorne Trail, 874 SE 4th St, Gainesville FL, approximately 65 miles from the Depot. This is a very scenic trail, mostly flat (a couple of hills) and fun to ride. It is approximately 34 miles round trip. After ride, there are several restaurants in the local area.


As much as I would like to go to it this year I can’t, but I am hopeful I will make it next year.



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From what I have seen TerraTrike is making some good smart moves. I like the idea of going with a rear wheel hub motor on their new e-trike rather than a crank drive system as I am not a fan of crank drive e-drive bikes and trikes. Here is a video about what they are up to.



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65 year old Marshall Randall, riding a Greenspeed Aero tadpole trike has broken 7 existing records previously held by a 29 year old man. You can read about it HERE.

Randall, the director of sales and marketing at recumbent cycling manufacturer WizWheelz, recently used one of the company’s trikes to trounce no less than seven World Ultra Cycling Association (WUCA) records. In Feb. 2020 WizWheelz bought out the well known Australian trike manufacturer, Greenspeed. In 1990 the late Ian Sims brought the Greenspeed trike to the forefront for the world to experience and with it some design engineering was introduced to the recumbent trike industry.

Randall rode a GreenSpeed Aero recumbent tadpole trike to set records in the 100k, 200k, 300k, 100-mile, 200-mile, 6-hour, and 12-hour recumbent trike road categories. He conducted his ride in rural Michigan on a frosty day in late September. He maintained an average speed of 17.31 miles per hour.

Congratulations to Marshall. That is an amazing accomplishment. If I had enough batteries on board or at least available to use I am sure I could do as well. I doubt if they would credit me with smashing any world records though. Hey just staying awake that long should earn a guy something.  😉

Marshall got a nice treat from his wife, Kelle, at the end to congratulate him. I guess he had enough breath left at the end to make it thru this.



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Many of us follow the adventures of Matt Galat. And those of us who do and are keeping up with all that is going on with him know that he just took possession of a brand new Azub tadpole trike said to be worth … are you sitting down? …US $13,000. W ell, he was on his way back from Europe to the U.S. with it when the airline lost it. Here is Matt telling the whole story about it. The bad news is the airline has no idea where it is. The good news is that I have a Friend Who knows exactly where it is at. I have asked Him to help the airline to find it and quickly get it returned to Mat plus a proper monetary compensation for all they have put him thru. I am waiting to hear of the safe return of Matt’s trike.



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WizWheelz Recalls GreenSpeed Magnum Recumbent Trikes with Quick Release Axles Due to Crash and Injury Hazard’s. This is not the first time a recall has been issued concerning quick release axles. I always make sure mine are tight as well as positioned facing backwards so that they can’t catch weeds, tree branches, etc. Anyway, if you have a Greenspeed Magnum be sure to look into this.



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Do you remember the RAHT RACER? It had a pedal powered generator system to use to power an electric motor to propel a bike. I like the concept. Finally a German company, Schaeffler, has developed it in a bottom bracket crankdrive known as the Schaeffler Free Drive. As you pedal the generator sends electricity to the motor to propel you. Any excess electricity being generated is stored in the battery for later use.

You can read all about it HERE.

Unfortunately the motor designed for this is limited to only 250 watts to comply with the stupid European law on e-motor assist. 250 watts is nearly worthless in my opinion. It is not powerful enough to propel a bike up much of a grade. The rider has to assist the motor. BTW, this is strictly pedal assist. There is no hand throttle with this rig.

The motor is capable of regenerative braking meaning that the motor can help recharge the battery. This is very inefficient however so don’t count on it accomplishing much.

There are no chains, gear reductions, belt drives, etc. involved. Instead only wires are used to conduct the electricity from the generator to the motor making a much easier task of designing bikes. I wonder how heavy these two components are. They both look like they would weigh quite a bit.

We will see what the future holds for this company and this product. I would hope that they start offering much larger motors though. 250 watts isn’t worth messing with. 1500 watts would make a good starting point.


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I have some good news. At least I think it is good news and news you will welcome and appreciate. After all these years of using the free WordPress site hosting service which comes with ads the reader must deal with I finally decided to upgrade to a paid plan which not only should eliminate those annoying objectionable ads but I also got my own domain in the process. I no longer have to use WordPress’ assigned url. From now on just typing in should take you to the blog. As the person writing my blog I never have seen the ads others deal with. I have heard about them and I must confess I would not care for them. So I am glad that they are over with. And I love having my own domain. Of course, my old domain url should continue to work as well so it is not necessary to change a bookmark to the new domain.


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WHAT IS THE TRUTH? The truth is not difficult to acquire. First of all Jesus said of Himself … “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO MAN CAN COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT BY ME.” The WORD OF GOD is one of the many names of Jesus. TRUTH is found in the holy scriptures as God can not lie. One of the truly extraordinary things found in God’s Word is prophecy. Prophecy is foretelling of future events. Much prophecy was written about the End Times. Prophecy was given to us not to scare us but to prepare us. If you listen to/read only what the main stream news media puts out you will be totally misinformed and mislead. You will be deceived. President Donald Trump knows the truth and he knows that the main stream news media lie to us big time. That is why he refers to them as “FAKE NEWS!!”

Let’s take a look at some End Time Bible Prophecy and then check out what is going on in this world we live in. One of the key things the Bible tells us will happen the End Times is that a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, A ONE WORLD RELIGION, A ONE WORLD SYSTEM will come into place. Anyone who takes an open honest look around can see that all this is shaping up … falling into place. It is all coming together. Global Elitist who are super rich and powerful are behind what is happening. They have a 16 year plan they are working to accomplish their goal. They made great headway when their puppetman, Barack Obama was in office. They were all set to continue, believing that Hillary Clinton would follow Obama, when they got a big surprise. Donald Trump won the Presidency and immediately started reversing everything these evil people had done and put into place. And we reaped the rewards as he worked hard making America Great Again!

Pres. Trump loves America and he knows what is going on … what their agenda is and how they are going about it. They fought him in every way they could falsely accusing him, attacking him, and doing all they could trying to defeat him … all without success. Finally when he easily won his 2nd term election they cheated big time and stole that away from him. They got another puppetman in the oval office and immediately started undoing all the good things Pres. Trump had done. Their goal is to get back on course and schedule.

They had to act fast so they devised a plan to totally derail the world and gain much control. They own and control the main stream news media they use it to lie to us and convince us of those things they want us to believe. In order for them to take control they must get us to do whatever they want. So they purposely turned a biological warfare agent lose upon the world. We know it as Covid 19. It is real enough but what we have been told about it is 99 % lies.

Wow! Where do I begin? First off, it is not nearly as dangerous as what we are being told. It has a 99.97 % survival rate among healthy people so it certainly is not all that dangerous. They tell us it is but they are lying. There are known cures available but the powers that be quickly moved and stopped the availability of any and all of them. We are dealing with very evil people!

We are told we must wear masks to protect ourselves and others. There is absolutely no science behind this. The truth is none of these masks can stop a virus. A virus easily and readily passes right thru them. Wearing a mask is actually very unhealthy. Again, these people don’t care about our health and well being. This all about their control over us … seeing just what they can get us to do and get us accustomed to obeying them.

What about the vaccine? A virus that has a 99.97 % survival rate as well as known cures does not need a vaccine. So why is there such a push for a vaccine? I will clue you in … it has nothing to do with preventing anyone from getting Covid 19. The global elitists have told us their plan and part of that plan is to greatly reduce the world population … to a more “manageable number”. Again, we are not being told the truth. Many many people who have received the vaccination have already had problems. They have gotten seriously sick. Tens of thousands around the world have died already. You won’t hear about it on the Fake News. Of course, anyone who reports the truth is accused of spreading false information. These evil people hire more evil people who claim they have checked the facts and side with the main stream news accusing those telling the truth of lying.

At this point I want to share this … my wife is originally from a small island in the Philippines. Because it is small it is more less impossible to hide what is going on. Many people on that island have received the vaccine and many of them have already died. My wife is in communication with several people from that island so she keeps informed about all of this. I have read that it is expected that within 2 years time those who have received the vaccine will be dead. I hope it is not true, but it would not surprise me. God is able to prevent this. I am not saying He will, but I know He can. We have a pastor friend on that small island in the Philippines who received the vaccine and then got deathly sick. Many people prayed for him. He has survived. He is the only one known on that island to have survived after the vaccine brought them down.

Fear and intimidation is what the global elitists are using to try to control people. Thru the main stream news media they lie to us causing people to believe that this virus … now saying it is a variant which is much much worse than the original. Personally I don’t believe any of it. I think all the reports about the number of cases and seriousness is all hog wash … nothing but lies. They want people to be fearful and so scared and convinced that they can control everyone.

The interesting thing about all of this is how inconsistent their information is. They keep changing what they say all the time. If they were simply telling the truth they would not be doing this.

The more people don’t buy into their lies and follow them in obedience the more we can interfere with their plan and schedule. They were already set back 4 years thanks to Pres. Trump. There is a lot to learn and understand about all that is going on. However you sure won’t learn it listening to the FAKE NEWS. I don’t think they are capable of reporting the truth.

Lastly, I want to state very clearly that there is only one way to escape being a victim caught up in what lies ahead. These evil people will eventually achieve their goal and it will eventually usher in the return of Jesus to this earth. He is coming to straighten it all out and set up His government. However, I must warn you before that happens He has prophesied that He is coming back in righteous anger to deal with all who have rejected Him not obeying the gospel message and receiving the salvation He alone offers.

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DON’T FORGET THE MARSHMELLOWS! (e-trike battery fires)

Many of us have electric motors on our trikes. And they require batteries to provide the electrical power to run the motors. Lithium batteries have a deserved reputation of being capable of being quite hazardous, but that does not mean they are particularly dangerous. Never the less, it is important that we know some things about our batteries and understand some basic fundamentals. It is always best to buy quality lithium cells such as Panasonic and Samsung. The much cheaper batteries likely use no name Chinese cells and with some of them come an increased chance of something going wrong … especially if the batteries and/or chargers lack good battery manangement electronics built in. Any more, that isn’t much of a concern either. Basically lithium batteries are safe in my unprofessional opinion.

The video below shows a battery on a bicycle catching fire and the guy dealing with it. It is quite likely that he did something he should not have done that caused all this.

This man is living dangerously approaching the burning battery that close and spraying water on it. With the explosions taking place it could shoot out and hit him. And as you can see spraying water on a lithium battery is not exactly safe or effective.

This next video educates us some about lithium batteries and helps us to understand “proper battery management”.

BMS … BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the all important element of safe operation. Batteries must be properly managed. Most of us pay no attention to the recommendation to only charge our batteries to 75% instead of fully charging them. The man mentioned fully charging our lithium batteries limits them to only about 300 charges while charging to only 75% will increase their life to around 12,000 charges … some 4 times longer. I have known this for sometime but I admit that I charge my batteries to a full charge everyday. The good news is both the batteries and the chargers have built in BMS to ensure battery safety. In the early days it was not always so. Things have improved considerably since then.


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BOO HOO !!! This news really bums me out. I really like the Eola model and probably would have bought one in the future for my wife when she retires.  That being said it is uncertain whether I would give it to her or keep it for myself and give her my Catrike Trail model.

Below is a news article about the decision to discontinue this model.

Catrike Eola discontinued


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You are looking at a Copenhagen Wheel … a big ugly red hub. I guess one either likes the look or they don’t. For those unfamiliar with it unlike other electric hub systems which have external components everything is built into it including the battery. That makes it unique. Hey, anyway the manufacturer has announced that the Copenhagen wheel is no longer for sale. There is good news for those who already bought one. They will continue to offer Support. All current Wheel owners will continue to receive support via

I don’t know anything about this decision that was made. BionX had a top of the line product but they went out of business. It happens obviously.

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I have written about and shared quite a bit concerning American, Matt Galat, and his around the world excursion via tadpole trike. Matt produces top quality videos which are always very interesting documenting his travels. In this video below Matt shares with us all about what he is doing and some of what has transpired thus far. I think you will enjoy it.

And here is Gary Solomon’s interview with Matt.

Yeah, Matt is quite a guy. He is a bit unusual at times as though he is not from around here. I mean just look at this picture of him he posted some time back …

Now I ask ya … does he look like anyone you know? I am glad to see he has a good sense of humor. I always appreciate that in people. His trike journey if I remember correctly started out to be a 5 year journey. In the video above he mentioned 10 years. He also said 100 countries and 95 more to go. Lets see … where has he been thus far? I may be wrong but I think he has ridden in: China, Viet Nam, Laos, Korea, Taiwan and Japan (not in that order). He has had to interrupt his journey a few times for various reasons. He is becoming better known as time goes along. He has met up with others on their bike journeys and rode with some of them. Those of us who have “rode along with him” via his videos have watched his little girl growing and have been enchanted by her along the way. Thanks Matt for including your family as you document your journey. The introduction and use of a drone has added greatly to the videos making for spectacular views and helping the viewer to take in far more than we could from ground level camera work. I don’t know if I will ever get to meet Matt and ride along with him as he gets over to my area. I would love to. We’ll see what happens when that time comes. I may not even be around by then. Or if I am I may not still be riding my trike. I am getting old. Matt is a young man yet compared to me. I am nearly twice his age and he is not catching up to me regardless of what people say. Matt, enjoy the ride while you can and do so for the rest of us as most of us will never be able to undertake such a journey. Thanks for inviting us along and making it possible to accompany you thru your excellent videos. BE SAFE, BE VIGILANT, and …                                                     KEEP ON TRIKIN’


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Are you still playing ostrich being deceived and remaining ignorant of the truth? The heart of man is exceedingly wicked and the God Who created us and loves us has forewarned us as to where we are headed … what lies ahead. It is all part of Bible prophecy and the proof is all around us. Lawlessness in the hearts of many … people who call good evil and evil good. There are those at work to bring about a “one world government”. To succeed at this they must destroy countries such as the United States. We were well on our way to destruction when a man who knows what all is going on and what these evil people are up to ran for President and was elected. He has been hard at work to undo the vast progress that had been made to bring this nation down. The enemies of America as well as the many who are deceived hate this man and want him defeated. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this. This includes turning a dangerous biological warfare agent loose upon the world and using it as an excuse to further take away our liberties and rule over us. Actually it is a testing ground for them to discover just how far they can push us and to what extent we will blindly obey them. There are certainly a whole lot of folks who believe their lies and follow their commands. Here is a video which addresses what they are up to. BTW, the Chinese lab and what they do there was paid for by the Obama administration. And wearing these masks is ridiculous. First they won’t and can’t protect anyone from a virus. Secondly they are quite unhealthy to wear as they cause the person wearing it to breathe in carbon dioxide instead of fresh air and oxygen. And the six foot separation is also a bunch of non-sense. If a virus is present in the air six foot is not nearly enough to do any good. Again, it is not about protecting anyone … it is all about controlling us and getting us ready for the ultimate which is accepting the Mark of the Beast as foretold in bible prophecy. If you think this is all a bunch of non-sense then Satan has done a good job in deceiving you.

And to all who think this is non-sense I will just say to you that “there are none so blind as they who WILL NOT see.”


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Most of us will never be able to ride our tadpole trikes around the world even if we truly would like to. There are a few however who are doing this and documenting it on video and pictures so that we can be a part of it. I personally only know of a few people which I will list here. If you know of any others feel free to tell us in comments.

Matt Galat

Sylvia Halpern

Darren Broadhurst

Kathyrn (don’t know last name)


Matt interviews Darren …

Gary Solomon of Laidback Bike Report has featured and interviewed some of these world travelers.

For those considering trike travels HERE is some help with equipping one’s trike.

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Here where I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana we have what is called Trek the Trails. It is an organized bicycle ride led by various people. It is usually about  8 miles long and features a different trail or section of a trail each time. It is held on Tuesday evenings starting in April and ending in October each year. The purpose of this ride is to help people learn the trail system. Here is a video of an interview with the manager of the trail system talking about Trek the Trails. This interview took place in April 2019.

And here is the assistant trail manager in a more recent interview.

And here is another organized ride held in the wintertime …

The Towpath Trail …

The St. Marys Pathway …

Lastly here is a video showing various trails here in Fort Wayne …

When I first started riding on our trail system we had about 21 miles of trails which is what is called the Rivergreenway consisting of trails along the three rivers here in Fort Wayne. Today as I compose this article we have approximately 130 miles of trails. Even so my favorite riding is still on those original 21 miles. I also like the Towpath Trail and Pufferbelly Trail. The Pufferbelly Trail has a long way to go before completion but once it is done it will really be nice as it will connect to other trails making it possible to ride about 90 miles one way between near Bluffton, IN to the south of Fort Wayne to north of Angola, IN near the Michigan State Line.

This year due to the Covid 19 PLANdemic the Trek the Trails program won’t start off until June 2nd.

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It happened again. I was out for my daily ride and was riding across a bridge when I saw a guy crouched down with a camera pointed at me. He had snapped this picture shown above and as I was riding on past him he shouted out to me so I turned around and rode back to him. I had no idea who he was but as it turned out he works for the local newspaper and had been there at that location for 20 to 30 minutes waiting for someone to come across the bridge. He was wanting to take a picture for the newspaper to be published the following day. We talked together for awhile and I did my best to be a good ambassador for recumbent tadpole trikes which, of course, I always do.

And no, it was not 1 AM when he took this picture. I was sound asleep at that time. And it was very dark at that time. As you can see it is daylight when I was crossing this bridge. And it was Wed. March  4th. He does say that but I just wanted to be sure no one is confused. I guess he wanted people to know when he was posting this in the newspaper.

This is far from the first time the media has caught me on camera in both still pictures and video. In fact, I think it is about the 8th time. Some have been television news stories and some have been newspapers. And one was when I was caught on Google Maps Street View camera car as we passed each other.

The very first time was nearly a full page article on the front cover of the newspaper. It featured me on my trike with my dog in the basket. That really surprised me as I was expecting the article to be hidden well back into the newspaper and quite small. That picture made my dog well known as people would see us all over town and yell out at us. And when people were up close to us they would make a big fuss over my dog and he loved that. And when my dog was not with me people would ask where he is at. He put a lot of miles on the local trails walking and running as well as riding in the basket.

In my cold weather attire the scenario is somewhat like the Lone Ranger TV show where as the Lone Ranger rides away at the end of the show someone asks “who was that masked man?”

I am sure that there are several of you who have already or will be featured in the media as well. I guess it comes with riding a tadpole trike … something a bit different than is what most people are used to seeing. I told the newspaper person several different things about tadpole trikes but in his limited article all that he said was “Cycling in comfort”. I sure can’t argue that!

At this point in time I intend to …


and in doing so it is quite possible the Paparazzi will continue to pursue me.

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By the way, if this gets me into deep water so be it … I have been there before …