I don’t know about you but I like saving money whenever I can. Of course, I want quality for my money. A good price is not a good price or deal if it lacks quality. I have mostly bought Avid brand brake pads since I bought my trike. They are not inexpensive …. like$22 a set. A few years ago I came across some inexpensive brake pads made in China. What isn’t any more? And, yes, those $22 Avid brake pads are made in China. Anyway, I decided to try the inexpensive brake pads. I ordered several sets of them. It cost me about $2.50 per set. That is a huge savings … $22 vs $2.50. And the good news is they have been excellent quality … every bit as good as the Avid brand. I have been very well pleased with them. I just replaced the brake pads on my trike recently. I could have waited longer but I was pretty sure the right side was getting rather worn and I didn’t want to procrastinate and end up with  a metal to metal situation. Anyway I got 16,775 miles out of this last set so I got my money’s worth out of them. And I just ordered  8 more sets for $2.50 each. And that includes the shipping.

So what is the difference between Avid brand brake pads and  these inexpensive ones you ask? The best answer I could give to that is … $19.50 … that is the difference.

One thing I have learned is when shopping online for them not to jump on what appears to be the best price as if I wait and keep looking I always find them cheaper. I have had problems trying to order them from Aliexpress. I have been buying them on Ebay. Sometimes the price looks good but then I discover the shipping is considerable.

For what it is worth, I would not be at all surprised if many of these various brands of brake pads are made in the same factory. Years ago that was very commonplace in China.

Speaking of saving money, I like buying my tires for half of what most people pay for them. It can be done. I have done it for years.

Anyway, hey, I like saving money. How about you?



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It is no secret … a crank drive motor is hard on drive trains. And if the rider does not know how to properly use that extra power being applied to the pedals the drive train can be destroyed quickly. Here is a video sharing advice on how to operate a crank drive e-motor.

Anyone using a crank drive e-motor would be wise to heed this advice. I was aware of what is shared here and followed this advice. My drive train was still quickly destroyed. Personally I don’t and I can’t recommend crank drive e-motors. After replacing badly worn parts of my drive train I went back to using my rear hub drive and much prefer it. My local LBS sells and services e-bikes including installing Bafang units on trikes. They say the same thing … a very simple truth … crank drive systems are hard on drive trains and they don’t recommend them.



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Finding a Facebook Group about recumbent tadpole trikes is about like trying to find a cold medication at the pharmacy. There are just so many to select from one is overwhelmed. And, of course, some are better than others. Some are far better while some are not so good. I am not here to make recommendations or rate any of these groups. Obviously it is not practical to join a whole lot of them. One thing I will say … just because one group has over 7000 members while another group only has 123 members is not necessarily a sure way to select a group. One would think it would be and should be but my experience tells me otherwise.  One thing I have learned the administrator(s)/moderator(s) make a big difference. I quit one group because I could not tolerate the lousy job the administrator was doing. I found I had no use for the guy. Constantly butting heads with him I finally had enough. I miss the group but I sure don’t miss him. Facebook groups need rules that everybody needs to abide by. There are always those who won’t and don’t obey the rules and thus cause problems for the group. A good administrator stays on top of this and disciplines members or removes them from membership. In these groups one will find seasoned knowledgeable experienced trike riders who can and do share what they know with others who are newbies or just not as experienced and knowledgeable. Those who have questions and issues can get help in these groups. I highly recommend joining a few. I have two Facebook groups I have started concerning tadpole trikes. I even have a third group which is on Cloudhub which is an alternative to Facebook. Cloudhub just never caught on. My Cloudhub Recumbent Trikes Group only has 4 members. My first Facebook group I started years ago was Tadpole Rider Group. It quickly grew to the second largest FB groups about recumbent trikes. Due to health reasons at the time I made the decision to shut it down. Years later the health issue no longer existed and I made the decision to restart it. This time around, however, it never took off like it did the first time. Over the last few weeks it (Tadpole Rider Group)  has doubled in membership but still it is only about 283 as I type this. There would be more but one ongoing problem I am experiencing is that several of those wanting to join are not answering the two vetting questions as well as agreeing to obey the group rules. Without this they won’t be approved to join. I hate turning away people who want to join but it is necessary to have these questions to help weed out SPAMMERS, ROBOTS and other unwanted applicants. If you are a Facebook user and don’t belong to a FB trike group at this time I invite you to look into it. You can simply do a search on FB for recumbent trike groups. Enjoy the interaction with fellow trikers. And most certainly …


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Whether you ride on trails or roads or both there is danger out there. This picture above is of one of our local trails crossing a rural road. As you can see there is a painted crosswalk as well as flashing yellow lights on the road to let motorists know if any trail users are present. The law in Indiana requires motorists to stop and yield the right away to anyone who is IN the crosswalk. If the person crossing the road has not yet entered the crosswalk motorists are not required to stop. Unfortunately all to many motorists don’t seem to know and understand the law. I have to admit that I was mistaken myself. It was my belief that motorist are required to yield to anyone who is AT a crosswalk so that they could get across the road using the crosswalk. Personally I think that is the way the law ought to be. Mind you, I don’t know what the law is about this in other States or countries.. The picture above is of the same trail crossing. Just a few months ago a female trail user was killed while crossing the road in this crosswalk. She had the right of way since she was IN the crosswalk. However, that is not the full story. Here is what happened and I have witnessed it many times myself as I sat there on my trike at crosswalks.

A motorist is driving along and they see someone there at the crosswalk waiting to cross. The motorist wants to be kind and nice so they stop to allow the trail user to cross the road. It is a nice gesture, but it can be quite dangerous. The problem is they may be stopped but that doesn’t mean other traffic will also stop. Many times I have seen motor vehicles go around them and drive on down the road. Also traffic coming from the opposite direction may not stop. If the trail user happens to be crossing the road they may very well be hit. That is what happened to the women who was killed a few months ago. https://www.wane.com/news/local-news/carroll-rd-closed-at-pufferbelly-trail-as-police-investigate/ I still see it all the time. Some well meaning motorist will stop to let me cross the road. I just wave them on and wait until it is safe to cross.I may have to wait awhile before it is safe to cross but at least I am not going to become another victim.  I have seen many motorists drive around past them shouting obscenities and flipping them the bird while honking their horns. They obviously have an attitude problem. And, of course, there are always many motorists guilty of inattention … texting or whatever. It is just not worth the risk folks. It would be nice if all trails crossed under or over roads instead of “at grade level” but that is too costly.

Here is the same trail with a crossunder under Dupont Rd. being constructed. And here it is completed. It is great to simply ride under the busy road and not be concerned about one’s safety.

This is the next road south of where the female trail user was killed. https://www.journalgazette.net/news/local/20180701/trail-crossing-right-of-way-goes-to-drivers Yep, motorists have the right of way. Trail users must wait until it is safe to cross.               BE SAFE OUT THERE!   

so you can …


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Tomorrow as I post this is December 25th. It is the day when most of the world pauses to one degree or another to acknowledge the fact that God came to earth in the form of a human Baby on a mission to provide a way for man to be saved from the consequences and penalty of his sin. Man can not save himself although many try. That Baby grew into a Man and completed the mission He was on. Unlike us He lived a perfect life free from sin. This was most important as He was to be the sacrifice offering for sin … the only offering acceptable to a holy God. You can read more about all of this in great detail HERE . Sadly the world (most of mankind) has rejected this salvation God offers to us. Doing so comes at a very high price as our eternal soul is at stake. God offers us this FREE GIFT of His salvation, but for all those who reject it and ignore it they forfeit the opportunity He offers to be forgiven of our sin and we then must pay the penalty and answer to Him in judgement. God is love and He demonstrated His love for all of us by dying a cruel agonizing death in our place. His love is AIMED AT YOUR HEART. He has done all that is needed and all that He can and will for us to be saved from our sin. The choice and decision is ours. Once we breathe our last breath it is too late to choose Him and receive His gift of salvation. Our fate is sealed. So I ask you … if you have never responded to His invitation … WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH JESUS? Someday your heart will be asking … WHAT WILL JESUS DO WITH ME? The answer to that question can be readily found in His written word … the holy scriptures. God is holy and can not allow sin in His presence. We as sinful people have a problem. Our eternal soul will spend all of eternity either with God (if the sin problem has been taken care of) or apart from God. Being apart from God means spending eternity suffering in anguish in hell fire. God has warned us. We are free morale agents. God created us with the ability to choose to do what we want. We have free will. We are not robots preprogrammed by God to do what He wants us to do. There would not be any expression of God’s love in that. Recognizing and responding to God’s love for us loving Him in return is the ultimate expression of love. It is not a matter of obeying God because we have to. It is all about obeying God because we want to … we want to please Him out of a motivation of our love in return. Yes, God demonstrated His great love for us while we were yet sinners … in the very act of sinning and rebelling against Him … Jesus Christ died for us. Therein is love!

I know there are those who will read this and get upset over it. There will be those who want to tell me it has no place here on a blog about tadpole trikes. But you know … none of that matters. There is not a more important message to communicate to others than this message. In obedience to God I am willing to ruffle a few feathers upsetting some. This timeless message may touch a few hearts and that is what matters. So on this Christmas Day I present the Christmas message. It is not about the many things man does at this time of year … putting up an evergreen tree and decorating it, giving gifts to one another, feasting together as family and friends or any number of the things man does during this holiday. The truth is most everything man does is based on paganism practices the Roman Catholic church brought into our culture. And no where in the holy scriptures are we commanded or instructed to observe the birth of Jesus Christ. And He wasn’t born in December anyway. With all of this being true it is important not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak. This Christmas holiday does exist in our culture so I for one intend to take advantage of it and proclaim the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ. The reason for the season is truly all about the fact that Jesus did come to earth to provide salvation. He came the first time as a helpless Baby. He will be returning soon … very soon … as the King of kings and Lord of lords. His word tells us that He is coming to pour out His wrath (His anger) on all of those who have rejected Him and the salvation He alone offers. Far better is it to accept and respond to His love now than to be the recipient of His anger later. We are without excuse if we fail to respond to His great love while it is being offered and is available to us. Time is short. Besides none of us know what a day may bring forth. Our last final breath could be seconds away. It is all a most serious matter. The greatest gift is not one placed under a tree. The greatest gift is the One Who was placed on a tree. His Name is Jesus. Merry Christmas to all!

Heaven or Hell … it really is your choice.

This song says it all …

Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS and thereby miss out on the salvation our loving God is offering you.



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Cleat position is something more and more riders are becoming aware of. It is believed by many that having the cleats positioned in the arch of the shoe is better than the ball of the shoe. It is said to help eliminate “hot spots” in the foot as well as other foot pain issues. Nearly all SPD shoes and sandals are manufactured with the cleats position further forward in the ball of the foot. I have read that there were a couple of shoe manufacturers that tried offering them in the arch area but they discontinued doing so because there was not enough interest in this reflected in their sales. So it comes down to DIY (do it yourself) or dealing with a fellow tadpole trike rider who offers this service to others. He has helped many recumbent trikers resolve their foot problems. Here is his contact information:

William (Bill) Barrere:
Email: wbarrere@gmail.com
Tel: 786-307-5986
He has a Facebook group page entitled RECUMBENT ONE.

There are various articles and resources for this subject:



There are many more but nearly everything I see has to do with regular bicycling and not recumbents even though my search was for recumbents.

Here is a link to the search results:


I have written articles about this before:




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Some riders use chemical hand warmers during cold weather riding. I am among them. I have tried all sorts of gloves, mittens and combinations of various ones trying to find something that works for me. It always comes down to my thumbs for me. I struggle the most trying to keep my thumbs warm. I wish I could tell you that the chemical hand warmers do a superb job for me but it just isn’t so. They do help though.

I have a pair of gloves with mitten flip covers which are made by HotHands. They are fairly warm gloves/mittens as they are a soft warm material with Thinsalate in them. They are designed to hold a chemical hand warmer over the backside of the fingers. This is about worthless for me. I need the chemical hand warmers on the inside of my fingers to keep my fingers warm. Even then it has minimal effect. This picture below shows a special area on the front side of the flip over mitten cover but there is no such thing on mine. That is where I am talking about having a pocket to hold a chemical packet. Hmmm, I wonder if they added one after I bought mne. I emailed the manufacturer about this and heard back from them. They haven’t changed their product. Why this picture shows this square area on the front side I don’t know. It does not exist in reality.

I have tried placing the packets elsewhere inside of the mittens but it doesn’t work very well. I have even lost one while riding along as they tend to try to fall out. A pocket is needed to place them in so they are held in place.

I find the best thing for me is to wear just a pair of Hotfingers mittens and use 4 packets of chemical hand warmers inside of them … two in each mitten … one down inside for my fingers and one inside the thumbs of the mittens. These mittens are not all that warm in and of themselves but they do a pretty good job of keeping the wind from passing thru them which helps immensely. The thumbs are large enough to place a chemical packet down inside and still get my thumbs in. I can just sort of hold the chemical hand warmer packet with my fingers and my thumbs are snug against the chemical handwarmer packet inside the thumb of the mitten.

Here are my 4 used packets I am experimenting with to see if I can get a 3rd day of use out of them

One thing I have observed and learned about these chemical hand warmers is that they don’t work without exposure to air (oxygen). It takes oxygen to get them started and if you remove the oxygen while they are creating heat they will stop the chemical process and no longer produce heat. Then if you reintroduce them to oxygen they will start back up again. Since they are suppose to last for about 10 hours I can place them inside an airtight container such as a plastic bag to deny them oxygen and then get a second day’s use out of them by reintroducing them to air again. That is nice as it saves money. They do get expensive if you use them daily. Today I used them for a second time and upon arriving back home I placed them back into a plastic bag to see if I can get a third day out of them. That would be nice but I am not going to hold my breath as they say. There is rain in the forecast tomorrow so I probably won’t be able to ride anyway. However, I can take the packets out of the plastic bag and see if they take off again producing heat. I will let you know.

Well, I am letting you know … Yes, all 4 packets have started producing heat and so it appears as though they would work for a 3rd day. The manufacturer wants customers to believe and accept that they are only good for one day. They don’t want people to know that they can be reused like this. Of course, they make more money that way.  I can’t test them today though as it is too warm outside to use them. Tomorrow will be much cooler. I will see if they fire back up for a 4th day.

Hey, they are warmed back up on the 4th day and ready to go. The question is … how long will they last? Will I make it thru my entire ride today? Stay tuned.

Still there? I am back from my ride and I got a third day of riding in using the same chemical hand warmer packets. That is good to know. I have been doing two days but I never tried for three before.

Update: I discovered today that this reuse of the chemical packets does not always work. Sometimes they don’t start back up. Sometimes they are slow to start back up. And sometimes even if they do start back up they don’t last very long.

BTW, the best price I have found for chemical hand warmers is at Walmart unless one comes across a special deal like a surplus store or some other place. I just looked and Harbor Freight Tools looks to have the best price at this time.


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No one in their right mind wants to get hit by a car. This video gives good advice on how to avoid it.


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Bikes may use the full lane, when necessary.

remember when I first heard about “taking the lane”. It made me cringe. My thought was “You have got to be kidding. That is insane!” There was no way I would consider doing it. But I kept hearing  other cyclists talking about it and suggesting it. Finally I took the plunge and tried it. WOW! What a difference it made. Now I do it all the time. I have to admit that I would not do it everywhere if I have a choice as some roads are just too busy and dangerous.

One thing I will say is that it is important to take the lane when you are taking the lane. Some cyclists still ride over to the far right of the lane and by doing so motorists often don’t move over to another lane. They pass by the cyclist all too closely sharing the same lane.  I always ride either in the middle  (B) or even left of center (A) of the lane which forces motorists to pass me using the other lane. I think the very center is best. Riding in B some motorists will still try to  share the lane and pass by all too closely on your right side.

Another factor involving lane position is that riding on the right side of a traffic lane makes it harder for motorists to see you. When I ride on streets taking the lane I am sure to turn on more of my blinking taillights, especially my brightest ones.  I also usually have one taillight on which is set on steady on … not flashing. I always have my high visibility safety flags flying and flapping attracting attention.

As I understand it in all 50 U.S. States it is legal for cyclists to take the lane. I am not sure of this but I think that if a bike lane exists for cyclists to use some places require the cyclists to ride in the bike lane rather than taking the lane. Personally I prefer to take the lane as bike lanes are too dangerous and I don’t like riding in them.

Here are some tips from this website:

  • Always be predictable – drivers should know what you’re about to do, no sudden, unexpected man oeuvres.
  • If in doubt: slow down, move off the road, stop. Mistakes in traffic are more costly than a few lost minutes.
  • Just like driving any other vehicle in traffic: be careful, calm, but confident.
  • Try to anticipate other people’s mistakes, and position yourself so that when (if) they happen, there’s no accident. Always try to read what the others will do.

Lastly, here are some other websites with useful information on them.


U.S. Bicycle Laws by State

My final words on this … according to what others report motorists behavior and attitudes are not the same everywhere. Where I live and ride I have no issues with motorists. They are respectful and patient. Rarely does anyone honk or yell in anger. Some trikers who live and ride elsewhere report serious issues with motorists. They have bad attitudes and can get quite aggressive and ugly. If that were what I would be up against I would probably have to make some changes and do things differently. The important thing is for all of us to be safe out there.


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It is definitely a scary thing to be going along and suddenly experience a bad case of front end wobble, shimmying or shaking whether you are in a car, motorcycle, bicycle or trike. It can be quite unnerving … downright scary. And it is even scarier when it happens at a high speed which seems to be when it happens the most. You can be going along and everything is fine … then suddenly you are like Elvis … all shook up.. My experience is that hitting a bump just right (maybe just WRONG) sets off the front end shimmy. About all one can do to end it is slow down. Of course, we would much prefer this doesn’t happen. So what is the cause of it? That is not something that can always be answered quickly and accurately as it can be the result of one of a few different things or a combination of them. It can be worn front end components such as tie rod ends. It can be poor inferior design. Some trikes are simply not made well and are well known for this problem. It can be toe in adjustment is off. I personally find that the most common cause is the headsets need to be reset as they loosen up. The type of headsets that Catrike uses is notorious for this. Catrike in their excellent engineering even redesigned the headset as the stock headset had a bad problem of shimmying as the manufacturer designed it. Catrike removed the upper bearing and replaced it with a Teflon bushing to help with this. BTW, Catrike owners may need to replace these at some point in time. You can get them from a Catrike dealer, from Catrike or other sources such as Utah Trikes. They can be bought individually or you can buy both for $25.

This Utah Trikes video covers resetting the headsets … starting at about six minutes into the video … and again at about 7 minutes 50 seconds into the video.

There is one thing that was not mentioned and seldom is. For the best results the rider should be sitting in the seat in the riding position so that the rider’s weight is loaded onto the headsets. This works best to have someone else do the mechanical work unless someone else can take the rider’s place who weighs the same. With proper headset adjustment it should help to eliminate front end shimmy. I wish you well in resolving this issue. It has worked for me. Do your best to be safe so that you can …


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I have always gotten phenomenal mileage out of my chains on my trike. I just recently replaced one which had 16,672 miles on it. That is the most I have ever got and truthfully the way it was wearing I think I could have got another couple thousand miles out of it.

I use Rock-n-Roll Gold chain lubricant and am quite impressed with it … more so than any other product I have ever tried.

One of my bike mechanics said to me that I should only get about 1600 miles out of a chain. I said to him “you’re talking about a bicycle, but a recumbent tadpole trike gets far more wear out of the chain than a bicycle”. That is because a trike has 2.5 to 3 standard lengths of bicycle chain compared to a bicycle.That should result in considerable less wear. Even so about 5000 miles is all that one should expect. I have always got far more … usually 9000 to 12,000 miles. One time I got over 14,ooo miles. And, like I said, this time over 16,000.

You may ask me how this is possible. It is possible because of God. That is right! I learned many many years ago to put God first in my finances … to give Him the tithe before I spend money for anything else. He says in His word that if we do this He will rebuke the devouter and we will be blessed. I can not explain this incredible mileage I get out of my chains any other way. The same is true of my tire wear. I have witnessed the result of withholding the tithe. God says it is stealing from Him. One way or another He will get His tithe. If not given freely He will take it some other way. The car or furnace or some appliance will break down costing far more than the tithe would have cost. I have seen it happen in many people’s lives. God is real and everything I am talking about is real. It is truly a joy to give God His tithe. In doing so I also enjoy His many blessings in my life each and every day. May He be praised and may we all …


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BTW, I have written about this subject of chain wear before …  I even used the same title … https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/chain-wear-replacement.

I have also written several other articles concerning chain … https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/?s=chain

You might find it interesting to take a look at the many artists’ creations made out of bicycle chain … https://tinyurl.com/y6zlva4a



Have you ever done something that you knew better than to do and experienced the consequences? I am pretty sure most all of us have as it is part of being human. If nothing else that is one way we learn in life. Yesterday was one of those days I paid a high price for my stupidity. I am well aware of the concern of carrying various things in the front pockets of my pants when I am riding a recumbent. Those items have been known to fall out. I used to carry my wallet in my left front pocket of my sweat pants I wear in colder weather. I have lost it a couple of times but fortunately I discovered it quickly and was able to turn around and go back to get it before anyone else did. So I stopped carrying my wallet in my front pocket. However, later I went back to doing it as it didn’t seem to be a problem anymore. My wallet stayed in place and I rode many thousands of miles with it in that pocket. Recently I bought a new wallet and yesterday I discovered that unlike my previous wallet this new one didn’t seem to stay put. I was riding down a city street taking the lane when it fell out. I didn’t notice it so I just kept going until I got to the trail I was planning on riding and turned off of the city street. It was a couple of hours or more before I discovered I had lost my brand new wallet. I went back to the area where I had lost it but, of course, it wasn’t there. Somebody else has it now. I am hoping they will return it but I am not holding my breath. Of course, I immediately started doing all that needed to be done reporting lost credit cards, getting them replaced, getting a new drivers license, etc. There is a lot to do when this happens and it is a royal pain. And the bottom line is it is so unnecessary … if only … if only I would have used my head it never would have happened. But it did and yes, I learned a valuable lesson. It was an expensive lesson as I had more cash in my wallet than I normally carry. And, of course, I have various fees involved in replacing credit cards and drivers license.

Yes, when we know better but do it anyway we can find ourselves in deep doo doo. So do try to …


Just try not to do anything stupid like I did. It definitely will help you to …


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UPDATE … There is good news … answer to prayer. When I got back home from my trike ride yesterday I checked our mailbox before going inside of the house. I saw a large priority mail envelope folded in half stuffed into our mail box. I wasn’t expecting anything via the post office so I was curious as to what this was. I pulled it out of the mailbox and noticed that whatever was in it was the size and shape of my lost wallet. I opened it up and sure enough it was my wallet. Somebody had placed it in a blue collection box and our neighborhood post office sent it to me. The post office wrote a sticky note which was attached to the wallet. It simply said that it was found in a blue collection mail box. All my money was gone as well as a check made out to me which I hadn’t cashed yet. Also some misc. cards and my list of medicines I take were missing but everything else was there. God is good! And a kudos to the post office as well!


I have touched on this subject previously when I wrote “Honk if you’re Amish” … about riding in Amish country. I witnessed an Amish man dealing with a spooked horse as a result of my riding along in the opposite direction passing him. I assumed it was my flashing headlight that scared the horse. Later when I asked some other Amish men they said that it was more likely my safety flags. Anyway, when I saw the horse rear up and go berserk I really felt bad for the Amish man trying to control the horse. He had his hands full. I could tell he was up to the task however. He finally  headed the horse down the driveway of another Amish farm away from me. The horse settled down and all was okay. That was bad enough and as I said I felt really bad over causing it. I would have felt a lot worse if it were a buggy full of kids and their mother … or just kids with no adults. They might not have been able to regain control of the horse and the result could have turned really ugly … even tragic. It happens all the time when horses get spooked.

BTW, the best advise is … DON’T RIDE AROUND HORSES! If you encounter a horse be aware that they spook easily and it can be a dangerous situation. They could even charge at you. If possible safety flags should be removed or  at least covered up somehow so the horse doesn’t get spooked by it/them.  I am told it is the flapping noise of flags that horses are scared of. So if we go slow enough our flags should not flap and scare horses. It is best to totally yield to the horse … pulling over to the side completely off of the trail if possible and stopping and remaining still until they get by. If there is any concern talk to the rider asking them what you should do. Cooperate together for everyone’s safety.

I seldom see any horses while I am out riding my trike. I pretty much have to ride out in Amish country to encounter them. Horses are not normally allowed on our local trail system for which I am very thankful. One day from the time this is posted on my blog an exception will occur. Horses will be allowed on one of our local trails between 10 AM and 3 PM. It is my favorite trail and I usually ride it every day. I will make an exception that day. Personally I wish they would not have made this exception and kept the horses off of the trail. I don’t really understand why they are doing this. There is a large property alongside of the trail which the city owns. It used to be a golf course. It went “belly up” and was sold. Now it is just land going to waste … pretty much unkept. It has paved trails running thru it. They plan on using this property as part of the “horse day” event. In my opinion  it would not be necessary to use the multipurpose trail as well. The golf course property by itself is quite sufficient to accommodate the horses. It was an 18 hole golf course so there are lots of acres available. But this is “politics” and “we the people” have no say in it. At least they do have 4 volunteers who are supposed to clean up any horse poop. At least it is only one day and I will survive. I will just have to forgo riding on that trail unless I do it before or after the horses are on it. Fortunately there are other trails to ride on. And I do want to …


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As an update on the horse event day I offer the following which I posted on Facebook:

“Today was one of two days that takes place annually. Horses were allowed on one of our local trails. The city bought the property of an 18 hole golf course and they opened it up for the horses to ride on as well. I rode my trike to where they were forming up and receiving information and instructions before being allowed to continue on with the ride in groups of 5 to 8 .  There were probably about 100 horses and most of the riders were female. I guess that doesn’t surprise me. I am posting two photos. The first shows one of the small groups receiving the instructions.

The second picture shows a couple of horses that I had noticed had left all the other horses and came back over near where they entered the golf course property. I wondered about it but didn’t give it much more thought. Suddenly I heard shouting and commotion going on. One of the two horses had just thrown its rider and the horse landed on top of her. At first we were hearing “Call 911” “”Get HELP!” But before the call could be made they shouted back cancelling the 911 call saying that she is ok … just shaken up. I hope she is still feeling ok the following day. These bodies of ours are not designed to have horses land on top of us. This picture of the two horses was taken after the incident and they are headed back to where the rest of the horses are riding. I was told that the horse that threw the rider did not have a bridle and never has had one. My guess is that the rider was having some trouble controlling the horse and that is why she and a friend left the pack and came back over to where the horse threw her. BTW, you can see my safety flags in the foreground. I have them wrapped around the flag pole so that they don’t spook the horses.”

I am just seeing if you are paying attention. 🙂



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Although this video is about bicycles much of it applies to trikes. It is a lengthy video as it covers pretty much everything. Here is an index to help if you locate specific topics.

1. 0:25 THE FRAME
1.1 1:00 frame inspection,
1.2 3:59 what frame areas to protect,
1.3 4:53 the bolts – greasing, fastening,
1.4 7:12 the seatpost / the clamp, cleaning, greasing, fastening,
1.5 11:02 the headset – cleaning, assembly,
2.1 18:18 fork inspection,
2.2 18:58 the suspension fork basic maintenance,
3. 21:27 DISC BRAKES
3.1 21:41 the reach adjustment (levers),
3.2 22:42 the calipers adjustment (eliminating the rubbing),
3.3 25:57 replacing the brake pads,
3.4 28:33 bent brake rotors – the causes,
3.5 29:35 truing the rotors,
4. 30:49 V-BRAKES
4.1 31:12 how to improve the braking power,
4.2 34:51 the braking pads – inspection, cleaning,
4.3 36:09 replacing the pads,
4.4 37:46 adjusting the V-Brakes,
5.1 45:54 adjusting the caliper brakes,
6.1 49:53 inspecting the rim, the spokes and hubs,
6.2 52:55 removing the wheel – quick release,
6.3 56:19 removing the rear wheel (derailleur with the clutch),
6.4 57:44 removing the wheel – through axle,
6.5 1:01:02 removing the tire, replacing the inner tube,
6.6 1:07:45 air pressure inspection,
6.7 1:09:15 the hubs – cleaning, greasing, assembly,
6.8 1:18:14 truing the wheel, (longer verision https://goo.gl/gwTokd ),
7.1 1:24:19 adjusting the rear derailleur,
7.2 1:32:39 adjusting the front derailleur,
7.3 1:35:13 the derailleur capacity,
7.4 1:40:12 the cassette – removal and installation,
7.5 1:43:39 the square taper crankset – removal and installation,
7.6 1:49:34 the two-piece crankset removal (e.g. Hollowtech),
1:55:38 the self extracting chainset,
7.7 1:56:57 inspecting the drivetrain, when to replace the chain,
7.8 2:00:12 removing and installing the chain (the quick link and the connecting pin method),
7.9 2:09:12 the proper chain length,
8.1 2:11:00 the pedals – removal and installation,
8.2 2:14:34 the clipless pedals adjustment,
2:15:49 replacing the housing and the cables – the proper length)


Keeping your trike properly maintained will help ensure that you …


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For many years I reused the pins I have pushed out of the side plate of chains but I don’t do it anymore. I have had a few chain failures as a result which resulted in my having to do some repair/maintenance alongside of the trail. This video explains why pins should not be reused along with other topics.

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I am sure most of us remember the saying “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” … or … “is worth a pound of cure”. It proved true today while I was out on my daily ride. The small bolt (machine screw) which holds my flag pole holder onto the back of my seat frame broke off and everything went south. At least it tried to. Fortunately I have a plastic cable tie around the flag holder bracket securing it to another place nearby which does not allow the flag holder to fall down onto the ground. I also have my two flag poles connected together by a small elastic bungee cord which prevents the loss of a flag as I ride along. Between these two safeguards I didn’t lose anything. I replaced the broken bolt upon arriving back home and everything is good to go. I have lost various stuff before so taking these preventative measures have paid off.

In the picture below you can see the black bungee cord connecting the two flag poles together.

And here is the plastic cable tie (yellow) which saved the loss of the flag holder. The red line points to the bolt that broke.

Yep, an ounce of prevention still equals (is worth) a pound of cure.


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A tadpole trike is a rather expensive investment and so having it get stolen is a serious concern for many. Trike owners are always asking for advise on forums concerning locking up a trike. Here is a video about securing e-bikes with advise on the matter. It is highly recommended that viewers wear eye and face protection while watching as this video is “shattering”. I noticed one thing they didn’t show concerning cutting locks is the use of a cutting wheel with a battery powered angle grinder. (see video further below.)

Lastly here is a video about various locks …

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