Fellow tadpole rider Sylvia Halpern on her 9000 miile trike journey stated while riding in my State, Indiana “Indiana is a cycling dream state. I took small and quiet farm roads that had great scenery. It also helped that the weather improved. I loved every day cycling in Indiana.” My response to that is “wait, are we talking about the same state?” It is not the first time I have encountered people whose thinking is much different than my own. My wife and I moved down to the Atlanta, GA area for ten years and thought that it was much more beautiful down there than up here in the north. I came back up here with a friend from down there and he commented that he thought it was much prettier up here. I thought he had slipped a gear or something. Different strokes as they say. Hey, Sylvia’s most recent video is of her riding in Indiana. Indiana, my home sweet home!

Moving right along … which she sure seems to be … 37 days to reach central Indiana and she has had some rain/storm days she didn’t ride … I think she is making very good progress on her journey. My wife and I were just down to Bedford area  just before Christmas in 2021. We drove down there to get a puppy we learned of. Bedford is a very hilly area and rather pretty … much different than where I live in northeastern Indiana. Sylvia reports “38 miles with 2600 ft of climbing”. I can believe that from what I saw of the area.

I wish she was riding thru Indiana further north than she is. I would love to be able to meet up with her and ride a ways along with her. But her route is too far south for me to do so. She has been changing her route since she got into Illinois and Indiana. She has been using Google Bicycle Routes taking their suggested roads and so very glad she did. She reports that she is thoroughly enjoying these alternate roads thru the countryside. I can tell she is in southern Indiana and not northern as she mentions more than once how incredibly smooth the roads are. Our roads up here in the north  are not smooth at all. Well, I guess I would not wish that on her. I am enjoying watching her videos and following her progress. God speed, Ms Sylvia! Be safe out there and enjoy the ride.



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“NORMAL” is not coming back … JESUS IS!







Sylvia is indeed getting her kicks on route 66. Just over two weeks into her 9000 mile trike journey in the United States she is now in Oklahoma and doing OK. She set up her tent for the first time on this journey at a nearly deserted KOA campground. The video covers this.

Sylvia got to see the Roger Miller mural painted on the side of a building as she rode along thru one small town. Sylvia reports that riding her trike along U.S. 66 is about like riding on a bike path as she has had so little traffic to deal with.

I vaguely remember watching the tv show “Route 66”. I know it starred Officer Pete Malloy of Adam 12 … Martin Milner. I had forgotten who it co-starred so I had to look up the program online to find out … George Maharis. I watched a short video of the opening and closing of the program where they are driving the Corvette down a very dusty road and it looks horrible “as in”…  badly in need of a bath.

BTW, the very dusty road was Route 66 before it was all paved. Sylvia can be thankful she didn’t have to deal with that scenario. It is somewhat funny that I can’t remember anything from that tv show. I know they travelled the route picking up work here and there to support themselves but that is all I can remember about it. It was like Then Came Bronson but with a Corvette rather than a Harley Davidson.

Hopefully Sylvia will be able to …



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I readily admit that I don’t keep up with the adventures of Sylvia on her 9000 mile journey she started two weeks ago. That being said, I just checked out the latest she has posted and watched the YouTube videoHERE is a handy web page to do this.

Sylvia reports that it has been considerably cooler than she anticipated it would be. She has had to dress in several layers of clothing to stay warm. At least she has a warm comfortable place to sleep each night. Even Myrtle takes advantage of it.

On her most recent stopover she was met by a pastor who along with his wife are hosting her for a few days in their home.

Turtles are known to move along rather slowly but sometimes ol’ Myrtle will surprise us … 23 mph. I think she is going downhill.

I see that Sylvia’s YouTube  videos are not keeping up. She only has day 5 posted as I compose this. The current videos are available via links on the web page I mentioned earlier.

I would love to be able to ride a ways with her when she comes thru Indiana, however her route is too far south for me to be able to do so. I was just reading Sylvia’s testimony of traveling about 75,000 miles on her tadpole trikes since 2007. She has travelled in over 20 countries. I can’t make that claim but over the same period of time I have ridden my tadpole trikes over 108,000 miles. Most of that is on the local trails here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is highly unlikely I will ever travel by trike like Sylvia is doing but thru her and a few others I can share their experiences vicariously. She is several years younger than I am so she may eventually bypass my miles ridden. She will have to work hard at it though as my intention is to …


as long as I am able adding to my accumulated mileage.


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You may be asking … “is a recumbent trike for me”? Keep in mind that one does not have to be old  or disabled to ride a tadpole trike. But if you happen to be old or disabled recumbent trikes are likely your answer. They are highly modifiable and can be equipped to meet the needs of nearly everybody. From a basic tadpole trike to a FAT trike to a sophisticated velomobile there are lots to choose from. When it comes to riding on thru the winter most definitely 3 (or 4) wheels are far better and safer than only 2.

That is how I got started with tadpole trikes. Winter was fast approaching and I wanted to keep riding … riding safely. I knew 2 wheels were unsafe as a bicycle goes down readily on slippery surfaces. I had already experienced that more than once. Fortunately I never received any serious injury, but I was well aware it can happen. So I built me first tadpole trike and rode it thru the winter. I fell in love with riding a tadpole trike. It is so much more fun than riding a bicycle and it is much much safer. When Spring time finally came around I tried switching back to a 2 wheel recumbent bike, but quickly discovered that I much preferred riding the trike so I sold my bike which I didn’t care to ride anymore. That was in the winter of 2007-2008. So for 16 years now I have had the infamous “recumbent smile” on my face and never a moment’s regret. Recumbent tadpole trikes are difinitely for me. I bought a 2009 Catrike Trail and sold my homemade tadpole trike.  I now ride a 2013 Catrike Trail.

Recumbent trikes come in two completely different design builds … a Delta with one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back …. and a Tadpole (originally called a Reverse trike) with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the back.

Although my personal preference is a Tadpole design you may find you prefer (need) a Delta design.  A Tadpole is like driving a sports car (Corvette) while a Delta is like driving a family sedan (Rambler). Not everybody is able to get in and out of the low seat of a Tadpole trike so for them the Delta is the only way to go. In all fairness there are some Delta trikes which are made low to the ground and built for speed and cornering.

These videos address these subjects:

As shown in the video above there is a lot of difference between a Delta recumbent trike and a Tadpole recumbent trike. I fully agree with the thumbs down for the Delta and the thumbs up for the Tadpole.

One last comment … I have found that riding a tadpole trike brings a whole lot more respect from motorists than one gets riding a bicycle. That, of course, adds greatly to the safety factor.



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Matt Galat tours Krabi, Thailand with a friend on tadpole trikes. This video features some spectacular drone footage.



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Different strokes for different folks means different types of tadpole trikes for all those riding them. Here is a video on the subject. All the trikes shown are of the ICE brand.


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Meet fellow triker, 67 year old Marty Feely, who rides “Greta”, a Catrike Expedition. He is about to take an epic adventure on his trike riding from the west coast of the U.S. to the east coast. He has a YouTube channel where you can watch his videos. Marty resides in southern Utah.

Marty is delayed in getting started on his journey for good reason. My heart goes out to him as he is dealing with the loss of his friend (his cat). Having watched his video of his “shakedown cruise” where near the end he arrives back home and his cat awaits him and they interact with one another it touched my heart. Then I watched this video …

Sorry, the video has been removed.

I know what it is like losing a much loved pet … having to say goodbye to a best friend. Marty says that there won’t be much in the way of new videos posted during his ride as he plans on riding and not taking time to edit videos to post. He plans on pulling a trailer rather than carry a heavy load on his trike. I wish him well and a safe journey.

According to his planned route at this time he won’t be riding anywhere near me. It would be great for fellow trikers to meet up with him and ride with him for awhile as he journeys along offering him support and encouragement.

If you are interested in helping financially supporting Marty on his trike journey you can do so HERE.


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I have written about and shared quite a bit concerning American, Matt Galat, and his around the world excursion via tadpole trike. Matt produces top quality videos which are always very interesting documenting his travels. In this video below Matt shares with us all about what he is doing and some of what has transpired thus far. I think you will enjoy it.

And here is Gary Solomon’s interview with Matt.

Yeah, Matt is quite a guy. He is a bit unusual at times as though he is not from around here. I mean just look at this picture of him he posted some time back …

Now I ask ya … does he look like anyone you know? I am glad to see he has a good sense of humor. I always appreciate that in people. His trike journey if I remember correctly started out to be a 5 year journey. In the video above he mentioned 10 years. He also said 100 countries and 95 more to go. Lets see … where has he been thus far? I may be wrong but I think he has ridden in: China, Viet Nam, Laos, Korea, Taiwan and Japan (not in that order). He has had to interrupt his journey a few times for various reasons. He is becoming better known as time goes along. He has met up with others on their bike journeys and rode with some of them. Those of us who have “rode along with him” via his videos have watched his little girl growing and have been enchanted by her along the way. Thanks Matt for including your family as you document your journey. The introduction and use of a drone has added greatly to the videos making for spectacular views and helping the viewer to take in far more than we could from ground level camera work. I don’t know if I will ever get to meet Matt and ride along with him as he gets over to my area. I would love to. We’ll see what happens when that time comes. I may not even be around by then. Or if I am I may not still be riding my trike. I am getting old. Matt is a young man yet compared to me. I am nearly twice his age and he is not catching up to me regardless of what people say. Matt, enjoy the ride while you can and do so for the rest of us as most of us will never be able to undertake such a journey. Thanks for inviting us along and making it possible to accompany you thru your excellent videos. BE SAFE, BE VIGILANT, and …                                                     KEEP ON TRIKIN’


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Most of us will never be able to ride our tadpole trikes around the world even if we truly would like to. There are a few however who are doing this and documenting it on video and pictures so that we can be a part of it. I personally only know of a few people which I will list here. If you know of any others feel free to tell us in comments.

Matt Galat

Sylvia Halpern

Darren Broadhurst

Kathyrn (don’t know last name)


Matt interviews Darren …

Gary Solomon of Laidback Bike Report has featured and interviewed some of these world travelers.

For those considering trike travels HERE is some help with equipping one’s trike.

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A Review of an Azub Touring Setup

From the “land down under” (Australia) comes this video I share here. This triker,  Darren Broadhurst, is among the few who is on an ongoing trike journey around the world. He rides an Azub Ti-Fly 20 inch  … which is a fully suspended model.

His video channel description … “After retiring from a full military career I’ve been cycling and travelling around the world for the past 4 years. These are the videos along the way.”

Other videos available from this fellow triker.

His website … every which way but lost.


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Martin Schmidt is a fellow tadpole trike rider who hails from Germany. He rides a HP Velotechnik FS26 Scorpion trike and has been making lots of journeys on it capturing much of it on video. His website and his videos are in German so those who don’t savvy the language are out of luck so to speak. Although I took a course of German in high school I don’t remember a word of it. So I can only enjoy seeing the German countryside shown in his videos.

YouTube videos


contact form on his website

Here is a sampling of one of his many videos …


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