Ah ha! … You just could not resist, could you? It clearly said DON”T CLICK THIS, but you did anyway. I expected you to. After all you are only human. You really could not help yourself. You are born to be disobedient and rebellious. It is your nature as it is for all humans. Yep, it just comes natural to us. Have you ever observed two babies together? We say that babies are so sweet and innocent but I wish to point out that right from birth the “sin nature” is present and can be observed. Two babies can be lying side by side and one will take a pacifier or a toy away from the other one. Even if the baby who takes away this object from the other one already has the identical object in their possession they want what the other baby has and will take it. That is covetousness … wanting what someone else has.

Want more proof of the sin nature? A few years pass and the child has grown a little. Now he or she is talking and eating all solid food. Their mother told them not to get into the cookies as she doesn’t want them to spoil their appetite for the meal coming up soon. The child clearly heard but when by themself they got into the cookie jar. Mom comes into the room and sees the clear evidence that the child had disobeyed and ate cookies. It is (literally) all over their face. The mother asks the child “did you get into the cookie jar and eat cookies”? The child says “no mommy” … lying thru their teeth. Now I ask you … who taught them to lie? Did mom and dad? I don’t think so. It just came natural. It is part of the sin nature we all have.

Right from the “git-go” we have a problem. We are born sinners. It is a problem because our sin separates us from our Creator, Jesus Christ, Who loves us dearly. Here is the problem … He is holy, pure and perfect while we are unholy, impure and imperfect. He can not allow us in His presence as much as He desires us to be in His presence. He tells us that “the wages of sin is death (eternal damnation)(Romans 6:23). Out of His great love for us He did something about it. He provided a way … the only way .. for us to have this sin problem resolved. I have already written extensively about this so I am not going to repeat my efforts here. Instead I will simply provide a couple of links for you to click on. One explains in great detail what God did for you and I. Click HERE to read it. The second link is simply AIMED AT YOUR HEART. They both tell the story of the day God died so that you could have eternal life and not go to hell when your life on earth is over. This is the most serious and important matter in life. Someday your heart will be asking … “what will Jesus do with me”? He has already forewarned us of our certain fate. And only He alone can alter it … all by His grace as we can not do anything in and of ourselves to change it. We can’t earn it. We don’t deserve it. He offers it freely …

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