Recently I heard a pastor use this expression and it caught my attention as it is the ultimate truth. And it is our choice. We alone make it. We alone will be held responsible for it. Yes, we will have one or the other. This life we have had a beginning and it will have an end. It began at conception regardless of what hard hearted abortion rights advocates say … and it will end at death we all will experience. That being said death is not the end of life for our soul is eternal and will never die. No, our lives go on forever and ever. And that is where those words above come into play … hopeless end or endless hope. I have already written much about all of this so I am not going to repeat myself here. HERE is a link to something I wrote before which goes into great detail explaining the gospel message. If we didn’t have an eternal soul death would be the end. However …. someday you will stand before your Creator to answer for your life. Your fate is already determined. God’s Word tells us that “if we die IN OUR SIN” our fate is sealed. We have a sin problem and it MUST be dealt with. There is only one acceptable way … acceptable to God, that is. We can’t save ourselves. Only God can save us. He offers us salvation as a FREE GIFT.



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