Did you know that you are without excuse? That is right. No excuse will be accepted when you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ in judgement and He asks you why you did not accept His offer to save you. By the way, why haven’t you responded to Him? He is waiting so patiently with open arms. I am sure you can come up with one or more reasons why you have rejected the salvation He alone offers. But He has forewarned us that no excuses will be accepted. Read Romans 1:19-23. And HERE is a well written article about no excuse.

If we truly understand … grasp … how much God, our Creator, loves us and the price He paid to provide salvation for us … well, how could we possibly reject Him and what He offers? You might ask … salvation … what are you talking about? Salvation from what? What do I need to be saved from? You may be thinking “I am doing fine”. I am a good person. I am as good as the next guy. I am better than most people I know. My good outweighs my bad. I don’t need to saved from anything. There is a problem with that approach. We are using our own measuring stick while God uses His. With our own measuring stick we may very well appear to be okay and acceptable but, like I said, God uses His own measuring stick and it tells a different story. God is holy, pure and righteous … absolutely perfect in every way. We don’t begin to “measure up” to Him. His righteousness is His measuring stick. Every one of us fail the test. We all fall short of the mark. That is because we are all sinners. We all commit sin. It is our nature. We can’t help it. God being holy can not allow anything unholy and impure in His presence. When He created man the plan was for man to live forever and spend eternity with God in heaven. But man blew it. Man chose to disobey God and in doing so he could no longer be in God’s presence. Everything changed! Man was in deep trouble with God. God in His great love for man came to man’s rescue. God Himself provided the way … the only way … for man to be saved from the predicament he was in. God came to this earth born as a human baby. He had one big difference between Himself and everybody else. He was born sinless and never committed any sin His entire life as a human being. The only way we can possibly measure up and be acceptable to God is to have His righteousness imparted to us. I have written about this in detail previously so I am not going to repeat myself here. Instead I am providing a link to that page where you can read it.

Yes, we all need to be saved. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31). God is loving and patient in dealing with us but there is a limit to it all. It is so very dangerous to procrastinate. None of us know when our last heartbeat will come. None of us know when will be our last opportunity to respond to God’s bidding to come to Him on His terms. If we die in our sins our fate is sealed. We will spend all of eternity apart from this loving God. We have two choices … heaven with Him or hell without Him.

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