I restarted the TADPOLE RIDER Facebook group. It was first created as an OPEN  (PUBLIC) group so anyone can view it without joining. However, due to some changes Facebook made which allowed anyone to join opening it up to SPAMMERS and worse I had to change it to a private group … something I did not want to have to do. Membership is required if you wish to view, post or comment to a posting. If you are interested in joining it you can do so by requesting membership thru the FB group. Please be advised that this group is about tadpole trikes and only tadpole trikes. Postings and comments which do not pertain to tadpole trikes will be removed. Members who repeatedly violate this after being warned will be removed from membership. Postings and comments must not be used for personal attacks on other members. This will not be allowed. Please be aware that in order to join/be approved one must answer the vetting questions and agree to the group rules.

TADPOLE RIDER Facebook group

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