Azub Tricon 26

Azub, a tadpole trike manufactured in the Czech Republic has been around for a few years now. They have some nice looking trikes. One of their models, the Tricon, is available in either a 20 inch or a 26 inch rear wheel. As you can see in the picture above it has rear suspension. It also folds.

Azub Tricon folded

And it has various adjustments available.

Azub Tricon adjustments

Azub Tricon 20

The Tricon 26 was selected as BROL’s 2015 Trike of the Year award. Here is what BROL’s Bryan Ball said about it … “This is Azub’s top of the line three wheeler and it has blown people away with it’s easy fold, super stiff chassis and superb handling. I’ve heard at least three recumbent dealers and/or dealer employees call it “the best handing trike I’ve ever ridden.”

Lots of options are available so the price varies considerably depending upon what features and options are ordered. The 20 inch has a range of $3122 to $5652. The 26 inch has a range of $3266 to  $5760. You can check out all the available options HERE. I am confused by their website as the prices I quoted above are shown one place while different prices are shown on another place. Those prices are: $3326 for the 20 inch and $3516 for the 26 inch.

Azub back of seat adjustment

Azub bottom of seat adjustment

Azub cruxifix

Azub handlebar brake lever

Azub handlebar shifter & brake lever

Azub hinge area

Azub rear suspension

Azub Tricon wheel release

Azub makes some nice looking trikes and nearly everything I have read about them has been good. If you are looking for a tadpole trike I don’t think you could go wrong with any of their offerings.


don’t know how they did this but the video is pretty neat … a video of an AZUB TRICON FOLDING TRIKE FOLDING BY ITSELF.

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