bowed legs

Do you have bent legs? I do. I am not talking about bowed legs like in the image above although I have those too. “Bent legs” is a term used in regards to one’s leg muscles. They say that when someone climbs aboard a recumbent bike or trike for the first time to ride it they find that they are using different muscles than they do when riding a conventional diamond frame bike. Some people say that they experience quite an ordeal until those muscles get used for awhile and built up. They can be quite sore.

I guess I was fortunate in that I didn’t have much trouble making the switch to recumbents. My leg muscles seemed to adapt readily and I didn’t go thru this. I have known people who say that they did and it took them 2 weeks to a month or so to get their “bent legs”.  Ha … I was just thinking … I spent 8 years in the Navy mostly on destroyers and I was always quick to get my “sea legs” too.

It is said that you have your “bent legs” when you can ride your recumbent as fast as you could ride your diamond frame bike. That may be true of a recumbent bike but I don’t think it applies to a recumbent trike. When it comes to a recumbent trike as far as I am concerned having bent legs means that you are past the point of dealing with any pain or discomfort from using the different muscles involved.

Well, that is my Hand holding two pennies. worth. With “bent legs” we can hopefully …