Anybody who has followed my blog for any length of time should know that I am a firm believer in “being seen”. I use and highly recommend bright flashing headlights and taillights as well as highly visible and attention getting safety flags. Thru the years I have employed several different lights and flags. I have made several changes and always tried to improve what I have. I am well pleased with all the lighting and flags I now have. This particular posting is concerning my taillights. Believe it or not, I have 8 of them on my trike. Seven of them can be seen in this video. The 8th one is in between the seat back and the trunk bag and points downward toward the pavement. It is only for riding at night which I rarely do. Normally I only have one taillight on as I ride and it is the middle top one. I only use the others when I am riding somewhere that I am concerned about extra visibility such as busy/dangerous streets and roads. When I turn 5 to 7 of them on you can bet traffic sees me. I look like an emergency vehicle all lit up with bright flashing lights. If I were to come upon a situation along a trail where I stopped to do maintenance work or help someone who had an accident and was injured I would use the extra lighting to be sure other trail users are aware and exercise caution as they approach. Thus far I am talking about daytime use. At nighttime I would only use the lights on flash mode where again I want to be sure others exercise caution approaching the area. I would never use my headlights or taillights on flash mode at night time otherwise as it is offensive and distracting to motorists as well as confusing to them as well. My point is concerning the multiple taillights … I have them if I need them and they can and do come in very handy.

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A new safety product is coming out which may be of interest to some riders, especially if they ride on streets and roads. It is called The Lane Saver. It’s purpose is to help keep motor vehicle traffic a safe distance away from the cyclist.

HERE is their website.


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It is said that water and oil don’t mix. I am sure there are other things that don’t mix, but water and oil are well known and what immediately comes to mind. Something else that doesn’t mix …  1.5 or more tons of steel, plastic, rubber, etc. we call cars, trucks, buses, etc. and bicyclists. When they “mix it up” the bicyclists almost always comes out with the worst end of things. That being the case there are those who attempt to come up with ideas to implement to make it safer for bicyclists and motor vehicles to coexist safely. One of those ideas is referred to as “PROTECTED INTERSECTIONS”. Several different designs have been tried.

Here are some examples:

protected intersection

protected intersection cropped

protected intersections

You can read more about this subject HERE. And HERE.

And HERE (.pdf document)

Protected bike lanes are also a great concept. The Dutch people are light years ahead of most of the rest of us when it comes to cycling safety. There is hope however as various communities are looking at what can be done to improve things.