It has only been two weeks since I got my bike alarm and posted an article about it so you might think more time should pass before I say anything more about it. But, hey, I really like this little fella. My only regret in buying it is that I didn’t do it much sooner. I have long thought about adding an alarm but I just never  did … not until a fellow trike rider posted about it on Facebook. If you read my first posting you already know that I bought two alarms. The first one is more less a Chinese knockoff of a more less brand name Chinese alarm. Since I already had the first one mounted on my trike and didn’t have any immediate plans for it I left it mounted on my trike when the second alarm arrived. So I have both of them mounted. I use them when I get off of my trike leaving it unattended. They both claim a decibal level of 113 which seems fairly loud if you are outside. However when I go inside of a building or my house I can no longer hear them. My thinking is that these alarms mainly serve as “keeping an honest person honest” as they say … scaring off most people who might mess with the trike. At $17 it is a pretty cheap investment.

They work very good. The only problem I have is not remembering I have the alarm(s) set when I go to get back on my trike so I have often set off the alarms which is a bit embarrassing.

They are easy to mount and easy to use. Of course, I suggest mounting them underneath the trike out of sight. I highly recommend this alarm or, if not this one, there are gobs of others which I know nothing about.

Amazon sells this for $16.99. I got mine the following day after ordering them. Both the alarm and the remote control operate on AAA batteries. The remote control has a “panic button” so the alarm can be sounded manually using this button. And it has a pretty good range too. I tried it as far as about 200 feet but stopped at that so I don’t know how  much farther distance  they  will work. Like I said, it has only been a couple of weeks since I got these. IF they fail me in any way I will be sure to let you know.

So far they are great!



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Have you ever thought about putting an anti-theft alarm on your trike? I have, but I not yet done it. I do carry a bicycle cable lock with me so I can lock it up if I want/need to. The idea of having an alarm on it is appealing just to help keep people from messing around with the trike when I have it parked unattended.

There are several different kinds of alarms available and various prices. Of course, we should keep in mind that we usually get what we pay for quality wise. Most of the alarms I have seen are made in China. Here is one such alarm:

There are even high tech alarms incorporating smartphones …

Here is one which mounts under a water bottle holder bracket …

Some alarms are stand alone alarms only while others incorporate a lock as well.

Here is one which is still in development (marketing) stage …

Here is one which appears to be quite sensitive. The only thing is one would have to figure out some way to mount it on a trike as it obviously is not designed for this purpose. That being said, I also don’t know how it would hold up to getting jarred around hitting bumps, etc. as the trike is being ridden. Of course, I reckon that is true of any of them, but one would think and hope that an alarm which is designed to be used on a bike could take this.

Here is one which would only work on some trikes as it needs the open end of a handlebar diameter tubing …

And here are some other alarms …

Just remember this … you can’t necessarily trust others to keep your trike safe …

Here is certainly a very unusual approach to the problem of theft …

This most definitely is not for me. How ’bout you?

Of course, you could always use old technology … Hey, it works! (Just be sure he is well fed and won’t be pacified with a hunk of meat).  🙂

angry dog

You could even be sneaky and camouflage him and just maybe no one will even notice him …

dog camouflage

They might think it is some kind of a fungus growing on your trike and avoid it like the plague.

(Poor dog … it’s not his fault he looks like this.)

Well, there are different means of attempting to prevent your trike from being stolen and after all we all want to …