I want to state upfront that I advise against building a trike that is bolted together rather than welded. I speak from many years of hands on experience as a metal fabricator and weldor. Although I have lots of experience in many facets of welding I took to “repair welding” more than anything else and I have done a lot of it. I share that because many many times I found myself having to repair weld many items that someone had simply bolted together and discovered it did not hold up. Bolts and nuts come loose, bolts break, holes wear and get sloppy. And it has been my observation that most metal projects people bolt together are made too light of duty and are likely to fail because of it. I understand that not everyone can weld. And some that do should never attempt it as they do very poorly at it. I highly recommend that you have a qualified weldor weld your trike together. Don’t go the route of using bolts to hold it together. And as a highly experienced metal fabricator I need to say that in my opinion this trike shown in these videos  is way “underbuilt” and likely to fail.


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