“One usually gets what they pay for “… an old adage most of us are familiar with. And  it has proven to be true in most cases. The lower the cost the lower the quality and usually fewer features and cheaper components. When it comes to recumbent tadpole trikes it certainly applies. For sure these trikes are expensive and there are many who just don’t have the money to buy a high quality trike. They have no choice but to buy cheaper products. I understand that but I will make the suggestion to buy the best you can afford. Save a little longer so that you can buy a better quality trike. Buy a used trike and save hundreds off of the price of buying new. If buying used if you don’t know much about trikes and mechanical matters have someone knowledgeable involved in checking out the trike you are considering buying.

Years ago I put together a page on this blog to help people know what is offered in the way of new trikes and the prices involved. Please note that it is not up to date. Models may have changed and prices no doubt have increased but at least this should give you some idea of what is available and the price range. I also have another page concerning used trikes. And I have an article I wrote on buying a used trike.

Very few people are satisfied with their purchase of trikes with very little gearing available on them so I would advise against buying a trike which offers a small gear range. If you have any hills to climb you will definitely regret it. And one trike I definitely would advise against is a Mobo. I don’t know of anyone who wasn’t disappointed after purchasing one. I have never read or heard anything good about them. Definitely it proves the adage … you usually get what you pay for. In short, buy the best you can afford. It will help reduce regrets. One more word of caution … just because a trike has a well known name does not mean it is high quality. I won’t name names here but one name comes to mind that is very popular but I consider them on par with a Walmart bicycle when it comes to quality.


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As with most any item one could name we have a choice of buying brand new or used. Tadpole trikes are no different in that regard. And as with many things there are pros and cons to both. Most products come with some sort of warranty, and again, tadpole trikes are no exception. Buying used, however, means that the purchaser won’t have a manufacturer warranty. As long as nothing major goes wrong that shouldn’t be much of a concern, but if something major were to go wrong like the frame breaking (and sometimes they do break) that would be an expensive out of pocket expense.

Prices for used trikes can be all over the place. Some people want top dollar (nearly new price) while others offer their trikes at a great price … a very good deal. I have seen trikes going at amazingly low prices. And many of the used trikes for sale are extremely low mileage and just like brand new. Sometimes the person selling the trike is a spouse or other family member who has the task of getting rid of the trike when something happens where the original owner/user no longer has need of it. Sometimes people selling under such circumstances don’t know (maybe don’t care about) the value and/or decide on a low price just to sell it quickly.

Another thing on the pro side of buying used is that the seller might have various accessories which they paid extra for which are included with the trike. The cost of accessories can add up quickly and surprise many people what they end up having invested in a trike. I bought my brand new 2009 Catrike Trail back in 2009, of course. The original list price was about $1750, but by the time I paid for the various accessories and upgrades I installed on it I had about $2500 in it.

Most sellers are probably pretty honest, but for sure if I were buying a used trike I would want to be very sure of what I am buying. I learned long ago in life not to just take the word of people. If you are not knowledgeable of tadpole trikes I would strongly suggest having the perspective used trike checked out by someone who is … preferably a skilled bike mechanic.

One word of caution … if you don’t know much about tadpole trikes be careful not to buy an “antique”, especially if it was a model that was not popular or safe. There are a few of them out there. As with anything it is a matter of “buyer beware” and you need to do your homework (research) learning about tadpole trikes if you don’t already know much about them. That is just common sense.

Nope, there is nothing wrong with buying new or buying used. Just be a wise shopper. And enjoy the trike. May we all …