cat's out of the bag


Letting the cat out of the bag means “to tell people secret information, often without intending to”. Obviously this isn’t really the case here with Catrike and their newest model of tadpole trike. They certainly intended for people to know about it. I just thought it made for a catchy title for this article.

I am sure many of us already know that Catrike finally came out with their 559 model. Still there just doesn’t seem to be a overabundance of information available about it. Maybe it is just too new. Oh the usual information is shown on Catrike’s 559 webpage. The specifications and description is available. I really don’t know what else one should expect at this point in time. Reviews? I can’t find much. So I will mostly just look to Catrike and here is what they say …

Introducing the innovative Catrike 5.5.9, a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Catrike 559 3

Here is a video which pretty much tells the story of this model:

Catrike 559 folded

Here is a video which shows how it folds:

Padded seat
Ergonomic adjustable seat back
Roller wheels for rolling when folded
Padded wrist rests
Rear Fender
Flag Mount & Flag
Mirrycle Rear View Mirror
Multi Purpose Clipless Pedals
Computer Sensor Mount
Brake Lever Velcro Strap for Parking
No Brake Steer
Self Centering
Ackerman Steering Compensation
Structural Front Boom
Quick-Release Indexing Boom Clamp
Aluminium Rod Ends
Low Friction PTFE Flared Chain Tube

MSRP $3,150

available in these colors

Catrike color chart 2015

At least the cat is out of the bag.  kitten coming out of paper bag

Here kitty kitty! (ain’t he cute?)

I would rather imagine that we will hear more about this model further along.