It is always my thumbs that get cold. Even if I manage to keep the rest of my hands warm my thumbs get cold. It is a bummer! I usually use mittens when it is the coldest. With mittens one can keep all the fingers huddled together to help warm one another, but those thumbs … they are out there by themselves … sorta sticking out like a sore thumb one might say. There just is not anyway to keep them warm. I have tried using chemical hand warmers which help but most gloves or mittens just are not made to include a chemical hand warmer along with one’s thumbs. It is very crowded in there and rather uncomfortable. So what is the answer? I wish I had one. If any of you know something that works please share it. And no, whiskey is not acceptable. I am doing my best to …


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recently purchased a pair of heated gloves. I tried them out today. I am sending them back tomorrow. Yes, they work. They keep my hands quite warm as long as 1) it is not cold outside  2)  I am sitting still.  Therein lies the problem. I bought them to wear when it is cold outside … when my unheated handwear does not keep my hands warm. And, of course, riding my trike means that I am moving.  When cold air moves across the gloves it removes the heat being produced and makes them ineffective. If I had some means of keeping the cold air off of them they might work. As is I have to have the heat turned up on high which means the rechargeable lithium ion batteries only last 2 hours. I ride a lot longer than that each day so I would have to have about 3 sets of batteries to last thru my rides. Well, that is my review. If a person rides really slow these gloves might work for them, but if they ride 15 mph or faster the heat is “Gone With the Wind”. I may try one more product … heated glove liners … and wear them inside of my mittens which do a pretty good job stopping air from getting thru. It is hard to …


with cold hands.

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