It is always my thumbs that get cold. Even if I manage to keep the rest of my hands warm my thumbs get cold. It is a bummer! I usually use mittens when it is the coldest. With mittens one can keep all the fingers huddled together to help warm one another, but those thumbs … they are out there by themselves … sorta sticking out like a sore thumb one might say. There just is not anyway to keep them warm. I have tried using chemical hand warmers which help but most gloves or mittens just are not made to include a chemical hand warmer along with one’s thumbs. It is very crowded in there and rather uncomfortable. So what is the answer? I wish I had one. If any of you know something that works please share it. And no, whiskey is not acceptable. I am doing my best to …


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remember growing up we had the beautiful Autumn leaves by late September and a lot of them were already fallen off of the trees. This is a month later (late October) and the Autumn colors are just now starting to change. Most trees are still quite green. What’s going on? No, I don’t believe in what they are calling Climate Change as it is a lie with an agenda behind it. I do believe in  periods of earth’s history where the weather has changed … warming up and cooling down. Remember … there is nothing new under the sun. It has happened before and it will happen again.

What does this have to do with tadpole trikes you ask? Absolutely nothing. The only connection I can make to it is the fact that I am not enjoying seeing those beautiful colors as I am out there riding. And I truly miss them. By the time the leaves have made their annual change of color it will be later in the season and colder … at least that is my guess. It is already cooling off to where it is uncomfortable out there if one isn’t bundled up sufficiently. And I have made the mistake 2 or 3 times of not being dressed warm enough to be comfortable while out riding. I am doing something about that as it is no fun riding and being cold.

Maybe where you are what I am saying does not apply. Perhaps your leaves are already changed at their normal schedule and the colder weather either hasn’t happened yet or it has happened and you are dealing with it. I know some riders quit early in the season and put their trikes away until sometime next Spring. Not me, I try to keep riding thruout the winter. I am not thrilled with dealing with winter and it is getting harder for me as I get older. But I am still trying to keep on trikin’. And yes, I know there are some of you who don’t deal with any of this … no Autumn leaves, no cold weather, no snow, no ice, no freezing rain. Winter season is the only time I am envious. You get to keep on trikin’ while I may have to quit for awhile until the weather improves.

Whether I have pretty leaves to look at or not I am hopefully going to …


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I try to go out for a ride almost daily but when winter arrives it gets a bit more difficult to do so. I was planning on going out today (Dec. 18th) but looking at the current weather conditions and forecast I may not be doing so. It is 21 degrees F. and falling with snow flurries and a 12 mph wind gusting to 23 mph and the wind chill factor is 8 degrees. Sitting inside looking out the window it looks like a beautiful day outside … plenty of sunshine. Well, looks can be deceiving.

When I was much younger that would not phase me. I was tough and I could handle it.  I used to ride a motorcycle in nasty winter weather. Once I even wore my ice skates to use as outriggers to keep my motorcycle upright as I rode on ice covered streets after an ice storm. As I have aged (today, the 27th, as this posts is my 73rd birthday) things have changed. And the older I get the more they seem to change. I guess this ol’ bird isn’t so tough anymore. Part of the problem is that I find it harder to keep warm, especially my hands and feet.

I have tried various articles of clothing in an attempt to keep warm. I think I have my upper body taken care of. My lower body seems to be warm enough but my legs feel like ice to the touch. I don’t really understand that. How can I feel warm but have ice cold skin that takes a long time to heat back up once I come inside from being out in the cold? My feet do ok just wearing wool socks and good quality leather shoes. I don’t think they would stay warm enough in this weather however. I can usually last for about an hour before my feet start getting cold. That is something I need to continue to work on. As much as I don’t care to do it I may try just putting plastic bags over my shoes to keep the cold air/wind from them. Somewhere on my computer I should have a picture of a guy on a tadpole trike in the winter. He was wearing either large oversized socks or leg warmers over his shoes to keep his feet warm. He looked like a giant elf with the sock/legwarmer sticking way out in front of his shoe as he pedaled along. I have searched for this picture on my computer and online in order to post it here but can’t find it.

Motivation comes into play. I can’t think of anything that will motivate me to go out riding when it is colder outside then I care to deal with. If I were a rich man, if I were single or my wife was retired like I am  (she is younger than me) … just maybe we would be snowbirds and leave these northlands for a warmer climate for the winter months. I guess only time will tell concerning this. I would move away from here in a heartbeat but my wife has most of her family here and doesn’t want to leave here. Bummer! My family is all gone (deceased) so there is nothing holding me here.

How about you? Are you tough? Can you … do you go out riding in winter weather if you live somewhere that has winter weather? If you do, what do you do to keep warm? Do you struggle with motivation?

This motivates me ifin’ the weather is okay …

That is a beautiful scene and quite inviting to me.

Well, that’s my story and I am stuck with it. And winter has just begun. Oh my! Oh me! Oh no! Maybe I am just having a bad dream and I will wake up to sunshine and 75 degrees. Now I am dreamin’.  But one thing is for sure. I really do want to …


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