like ribbon streamer flags. HERE is a source for them. Sarasota Sun Creations is the name of the company. The flags sell for about $40 each. There are quite a few different ones to select from. Those bright colors and the fact that the streamers move around a lot in the wind really draw attention to the flag. The streamer type flags I have had in the past fade out rather quickly in the sun and all too soon become rather ineffective compared to what they offered when brand new. Of course, the same is true for my full size safety flags. My streamers also frayed badly and all too quickly and easily. I don’t know how these would do. If I were wanting an effective safety flag I think I would give this company my business. I have my own supply of custom made safety flags however so it does not look like I will be buying any of these. They do wear out and fade out so I don’t know how long my supply will last me.

Stay safe out there. Use effective safety flags. They will help you …


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Custom made safety flags seem to be popular and in demand. There are only a few sources I have heard of for them and I am not sure they are all still around. One of them I know that is is Lewis Ballie. You can visit his Facebook page HERE.

HERE is another source of custom flags.  And HERE is another one.  HERE is another one. Although I abhor the name ‘Devil Woman’ this flag maker chose I will include her HERE. In doing an online search for custom made recumbent flags I was surprised to discover how many search results turned up. These I have linked to are only a few of them.

And HERE is a website I recommend concerning safety flags. I fully agree with what they say. High visibility colors and lots of movement are required for a good safety flag. If a flag can’t be readily seen and attract attention it is worthless and serves no purpose. I see flags that can barely be seen up close much less farther away. I have had people tell me they saw my flags from over a half mile away.

I know that there are those who won’t use safety flags. They make ridiculous excuses like “a flag slows me down” or “I don’t like to hear the flapping”.  I would rather ride .5 mph slower while being seen then living dangerously not being seen. And I love hearing the flags flapping as I know they are doing their job keeping me safe.

Yes, I know there are lights … something I also highly recommend in addition to the safety flags. I have very bright flashing taillights and headlights which can be seen far off, but I have had people tell me that they saw my flags before they saw my lights.

Being seen will help us to …


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