For those who want a crank drive e-motor there is a fairly new contender available. CYCMOTOR has a few models to choose from … from 750 watts to 5000 watts … plenty of power to destroy your trike. As for me, I will stick with hub motor drive and save the drive train from destruction. But if you really want a crank drive motor this company offers torque sensing and although it will only accommodate a single sprocket various size sprockets are available up to 50 teeth.


Their 750 watt motor is called the Photon and is probably the most practical and popular model to select. 750 watts is the legal limit and it can easily destroy the drive train. More wattage is not needed for that. The Photon kit is currently selling for $850 plus applicable tax. There are not very many crank drive motors that offer torque sensing so this is an attractive feature.

I would love to have 5000 watts in a hub motor but not in a crank drive. Like I said, 750 watts can easily destroy the drive train in short order. I speak from experience. It was an expensive repair.

The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

Motor body with Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
Built-in CYC XP6 controller
Chainring with chainring cover
Bottom bracket assembly
Crank set
Peripherals including:
Waterproof wiring
Thumb throttle
Speed sensor
Brake sensors (optional)
User manual (ecopy)
eBike Headlights (optional) available here>

Their batteries are quite limited  … only three models .Their smallest battery (36 volts 10 aH) costs $383 and their largest battery (52 volts 15 aH) costs $707. One thing to remember about motor wattage … the bigger more powerful the motor is the more battery power it will consume. And the more power you require from the motor (the harder you run it) the more battery power you will consume. For me 15 aH would not last long.

I like the fact that it comes with a thumb throttle. They are extremely handy and very practical in my opinion and experience.

BTW, one thing you might want to consider is replacing your standard chain with an e-chain which is stronger and made for the additional power the chain has to handle.

So if you want to go the route of crank drive e-motor definitely CYCMOTOR is one to seriously consider.



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