Today is Veterans Day and I don’t want to let it pass by without posting something about it. As an eight year military veteran myself I know the sacrifices involved in serving in the military. I appreciate those who serve and want to say thanks for their service. I am a firm believer in “giving honor to whom honor is due” and so I salute my fellow veterans.

me in navy uniform saluting

Yeah, that was me at about 18 years old. I was looking down at a young child who was also wearing a navy uniform of sorts and we were saluting each other.

Jerry Steinman& Steve Newbauer in navy uniforms saluting each other

I have often thought about how neat it would be to have military veterans riding together in a Veterans Day parade with each former serviceman flying the flag of their particular branch of the military. I tried to organize this where I live but no one seemed interested. It is the same just trying to get others to ride together.


vets day parade

There are organizations which exists to help reach out to military veterans who need help coping. A part of their therapy is recumbent trikes.   … “ROLLING THERAPY”

ForgottenNotGone.ORG is dedicated to helping save veterans and their families from the destruction of suicide. Feeling alone, forgotten and abandoned, causes 22 veterans a day to take their own lives in the United States.


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