Many of us have talked about this subject. Unfortunately  that seems to be the problem … everybody talks about it, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. How many more deaths and horrific injuries have to happen before those who make the laws of this land act and outlaw the use of cell phones while driving. We hear that such a law couldn’t be enforced. I question that myself, but for sure if the phones didn’t work when the engine is running that would eliminate the problem altogether. There is one factor, however, that complicates doing this. What about passengers in the vehicle? They ought to be able to talk on a cell phone.

motorist on cell phone

As a cyclist I have often times said to drivers … hang up the phone before you kill somebody. Sometimes it was me that they nearly hit. It is a good thing one of us was paying attention and avoided a serious accident.

It is a very serious problem and needs to be seriously addressed. Afterall, we all want to …