Finding a Facebook Group about recumbent tadpole trikes is about like trying to find a cold medication at the pharmacy. There are just so many to select from one is overwhelmed. And, of course, some are better than others. Some are far better while some are not so good. I am not here to make recommendations or rate any of these groups. Obviously it is not practical to join a whole lot of them. One thing I will say … just because one group has over 7000 members while another group only has 123 members is not necessarily a sure way to select a group. One would think it would be and should be but my experience tells me otherwise.  One thing I have learned the administrator(s)/moderator(s) make a big difference. I quit one group because I could not tolerate the lousy job the administrator was doing. I found I had no use for the guy. Constantly butting heads with him I finally had enough. I miss the group but I sure don’t miss him. Facebook groups need rules that everybody needs to abide by. There are always those who won’t and don’t obey the rules and thus cause problems for the group. A good administrator stays on top of this and disciplines members or removes them from membership. In these groups one will find seasoned knowledgeable experienced trike riders who can and do share what they know with others who are newbies or just not as experienced and knowledgeable. Those who have questions and issues can get help in these groups. I highly recommend joining a few. I have two Facebook groups I have started concerning tadpole trikes. I even have a third group which is on Cloudhub which is an alternative to Facebook. Cloudhub just never caught on. My Cloudhub Recumbent Trikes Group only has 4 members. My first Facebook group I started years ago was Tadpole Rider Group. It quickly grew to the second largest FB groups about recumbent trikes. Due to health reasons at the time I made the decision to shut it down. Years later the health issue no longer existed and I made the decision to restart it. This time around, however, it never took off like it did the first time. Over the last few weeks it (Tadpole Rider Group)  has doubled in membership but still it is only about 283 as I type this. There would be more but one ongoing problem I am experiencing is that several of those wanting to join are not answering the two vetting questions as well as agreeing to obey the group rules. Without this they won’t be approved to join. I hate turning away people who want to join but it is necessary to have these questions to help weed out SPAMMERS, ROBOTS and other unwanted applicants. If you are a Facebook user and don’t belong to a FB trike group at this time I invite you to look into it. You can simply do a search on FB for recumbent trike groups. Enjoy the interaction with fellow trikers. And most certainly …


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While looking for tadpole trike groups on Facebook I found this one … Electric Trike Owners. I requested to join and invite you to do the same if you have an electric motor on your trike.

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