Talk about FAT trikes is what this posting is about. I am not going to say much however. I will let another Steve speak on the subject. Trike Hobo, Steve Greene, of Trike Asylum blog fame discusses aspects of the ICE Full Fat recumbent tricycle, and also fat trikes in general. I can’t speak from any experience as I don’t have a FAT trike nor have I ever ridden one or been around any. Trike Hobo has an ICE FAT trike and gained personal experience and knowledge so without further ado here he is:

And yes, you can motorize a FAT trike just like any other trike.

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Another FAT trike has made its appearance. With the popularity of fat trikes more manufacturers are coming out with their particular offering. This time it is Tri-Sled and they are calling their fat trike “Gizmo Phat”. That seems like a rather strange name, but hey, who cares. I guess in the scheme of things it matters not. I think it is a nice looking trike. Tri-Sled is an Australian manufacturer. Their “flagship” model is called Gizmo and so they continued with that name as part of the model name on a couple of other models they also offer. Did you follow that? Oh, never mind … it is not important.

TriSled Phat 1

As is often the case there is not much information available concerning this new model at this time. It does look interesting as the width of the trike has purposely been kept minimal so that it will fit thru small openings where many trikes could not go.

TriSled Phat 5

HERE is TriSled’s website. HERE is TriSled’s Facebook page. At the time I am composing this article I do not find any mention of this new model on their website, but it is shown (just announced) on their Facebook page.

TriSled Phat 2

As you can see it has a rear disc brake as well as the ones on the front wheels.

TriSled Phat 3

TriSled Phat 4

With no information to be found online about this new model there is not much more I can offer here and now. As you can see it has 20 inch tires. Here is what little they have said about this new model:

“Introducing ‘Gizmo Phat’….Trisled’s latest contribution to the Phat bike world! Featuring a hand crafted aircraft grade Cro-mo frame (like all Trisleds), Carbon fibre seat, and more compact 20×4” wheels. We’ve also kept the track width ‘Trisled Narrow’ … “

It will be interesting to see what happens as time passes. The FAT trike scene is getting more and more interesting all the time.


“FAT trikes” are becoming more and more popular and various trike manufacturers are offering them in their model lineup. The latest of those offerings I am aware of is the Hartlander. It is a product of the Netherlands.  It also folds. The price I found online in the Netherlands is 2799 Euros ($3139 U.S.). It is also available with electric motor assist. I have not been able to find much information about this trike online thus far.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike

As you can see in the image above the trike comes with a hard seat which is removable to enable the trike to fold. Below are the specifications on this trike.

Hartlander specifications

Although on the specifications shown above it shows Tektro brakes this sure looks like Avid BB7 brakes in the image below.  My guess is that the hydraulic brake is an option. The trike has direct steering … something which makes good sense on a trike designed for relatively slow speed use and off road use where there would not be any reason to have indirect steering.

hartlander fat trike right front wheel

As you can see in the image below the seat is adjustable and removable. The chain has the commonly used soft plastic pieces connecting the commonly used chain tubes so that the chain stays managed inside of the tubing when the trike is folded.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike mid frame section

Notice in the image below the rear derailleur hanger is part of the frame and not a separate hanger. That could be a problem should that part of the frame break off or get damaged to where it can’t be used any more. Shy of a skilled weldor/fabricator repairing it a new frame would be required. Hopefully owners will never experience this getting damaged. It is something to be aware of and be careful not to allow it to get damaged. It is true that these are made to bend easily to help protect the rear derailleur from getting damaged, but they can also break off or get damaged so badly they can’t be reused. A separate hanger is the only way to go. Only cheap bikes and trikes go this route. This trike comes with a 5 year frame warranty, but I don’t know if the hanger area would be covered under warranty. Since the hanger is designed to bend and it is all too common for damage to happen I would think they would not cover it under warranty, but I could be wrong.

hartlander fat trike rear wheel

As you can see in the image below the trike comes with locking brake levers. That is a nice feature. Twist shifters are also used.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike right side handlebar

With the trike folded it is somewhat smaller of course, but being a FAT trike with large size wheels and tires, it is still rather large so don’t get your hopes up about folding it up to fit in places a regular tadpole trike would fit.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike folded

FAT or not … TRIKE ON!


Hartlander fat recumbent trike

Fat trikes rule! … off the road anyway. I had planned on creating another article about fat trikes, but upon looking at what Steve Greene has put together and provided on his Trike Asylum blog I figured ‘why bother?’ He has done such an excellent job and thorough presentation that I will just link to it instead. So check out his great article on FAT TRIKES. You might even want to participate in the poll he has there … as to which Fat Trike you would want.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike folded