There is a man in Florida who makes front wheel drive tadpole trikes. His name is David Bruce. I am sure some of you have heard of him and his trikes. A few of you probably even know him. Back when I previously had my Tadpole Rider blog I had planned on featuring his trikes in a posting. I had emailed him to ask his permission and received it. However, I discontinued the blog awhile back and the article never materialized. So now that I have restarted Tadpole Rider I am doing the article. David has long been an avid cyclist and raced road bikes in years past. You can read his story on his website which I link to further below.

Like most any product one can name there has been “evolution” (improvement in design, appearance and quality of workmanship) in the design and building from when he first began. The trikes are looking better and better to where now they look great … like what comes out of the best of factory production.  The machining and welding are superb. See for yourself …

db first trike

david bruce front wheel drive trike 4

david bruce front wheel drive trike 3

david bruce front wheel drive trike

He not only designed and built his front wheel drive trike but he rides them. And not only does he ride them but he enters some contests with them.

Here is a walk around video showing various aspects of the build:

Here David is riding his trike on the West Orange Trail in Florida:

He has several YouTube videos available including various ones showing the building of the trike. Click HERE to see the listing.

Visit his WEBSITE.

david bruce front wheel drive trike 2

david bruce front wheel drive trike 5

Thanks David for working to create a unique product and availing it to fellow trikers.

I hope you have as much success as you can handle.  🙂

To the readers of this blog …

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