Being a weldor and metal fabricator most of my life I have a keen interest in “homemade trikes”. I made my first tadpole trike as I did my first recumbent bicycle. Here are some videos of others who made their own trikes. I will say this … it is very important to “do your homework” before building a trike. It is imperative that you build it correctly so that it is safe to ride. The complex geometry (angles) of the front end must be correct and the rider’s weight distribution is quite important so that the trike handles properly.

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There is lots of information about building a tadpole trike available online besides what I have written myself. I am not really adding anything new here. Rather I am simply posting this one article with links to all that I have written about the subject before making it a bit easier to find it.

Here is one of them: https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/gotta-do-your-homework/
Here is another one: https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/tadpole-trike-construction-the-science-of-tadpole-trike-steering/
Here another one: https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/home-built-recumbent-trike-detailed-plans-and-construction-steps/
And here are a bunch more postings on my blog about custom built trikes: https://tadpolerider2.wordpress.com/category/homemade-tadpole-trikes/

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For anyone wanting to build their own tadpole trike Atomic Zombie has plans they sell to use to make the task smoother sailing. When I built my tadpole trike I did so entirely on my own. I designed my trike and all went well even though it was a learning experience and there were a couple of things I would do differently if I were to build another one. One thing about using plans is that you can know what you are going to end up with before you start and choose what you want from what is offered. As long as you follow the instructions it should all go well and you should not end up with wasted material, etc. which can happen if you aren’t following a set of plans with everything laid out for you including a materials list and cutting instructions.

Do It Yourself Plans  …  $18 for one set of plans  …  more than 36 plans available  …  occasionally they offer specials where you can buy a few sets of plans for a low price (example: 6 for about $30)


Here are some photo examples of what they offer:

the very popular Warrior

AZ warrior

the Street Fox with rear suspension

AZ StreetFox Suspension Tadpole Trike

the River electric motorized

AZ river

AZ tadpole

and they also offer tandem trike plans

Viking Recumbent Tandem Tadpole Trike 1