little more than 2 years ago I posted an article about a low cost tadpole trike called Kent Cavalier. They are sold thru Walmart but were out of stock when I posted the article. Apparently they have been selling them and even though they are a cheap entry level trike they seem to be getting pretty good reviews (which I find very hard to believe). I am not here to promote this trike as I am relatively sure I would find one a great disappointment. Today is Sept. 28th  as I compose this posting and I checked on Walmart and they show if I ordered one today it would arrive shipped to my home by Oct. 11th. That is fast service. And I am amazed that the price has not gone up … it is still $698 and free shipping. If I were made of money I would have gone ahead and ordered one just so I could check it out With a 16 inch seat height for sure it won’t be a trike one could feel safe on and be able to ride very fast. Nope, I could not and am not recommending this entry level trike. I am afraid it would be all too much like the quality of Walmart’s cheap bicycles. In my opinion it is Chinese junk and I am not talking about a type of ship. I think this video below confirms it …



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