For those unfamiliar with tadpole trikes they are basically a pretty stable vehicle and a lot of fun to ride. They have been compared to riding a go cart or driving a sports car. As neat as they are I would not go so far as to say that they handle as good as either of these two examples. A tadpole trike can and will tip over a whole lot easier than a go cart or sports car. A go cart is quite low to the ground and has a pretty wide wheel base width so they are quite difficult to tip over. They just slide if and when traction is lost. A tadpole trike will slide a little bit if it is pushed hard enough but you can’t depend on this to happen. If an outside tire should suddenly “catch” the trike will start over. It may only go up in the air a little ways and come back down, but again I would not count on this. It could just as easily go on over. So unless you are one who has mastered balancing and riding a tadpole trike on two wheels it is not a good idea to tempt fate.

So what is a rider to do? We all want to have fun, right? Well, maybe not everybody.  I am sure there are many who simply don’t ride that fast to begin with or if they are approaching a turn faster than they are comfortable with they slow down so they can safely negotiate it on three wheels. But for those who like the thrills a tadpole trike can deliver there is a solution … Leaning in Turns. Just make certain you lean to the correct side. This may sound ridiculous but it needs to be said as there are those who have not understood this and have leaned to the opposite side. Needless to say that is flirting with disaster. A word of caution … make sure that while leaning in a sharp turn at speed you don’t find yourself dealing with things such as trees, fence posts, etc. Your face and shoulder is no match for them. We have one particular turn on our trail system I ride where I have to be sure to get my body back over in normal position on the seat just before I reach a wooden fence and the first fence post. Depending upon your speed and the severity of the turn you can …

lean just a little …


or lean a lot …

leaning in turn reduced

… as much as is needed if some real “hot doggin’ ” is going on.

Riding fast around a turn results in lots of “tire scrub” so don’t expect to get maximum life out of your tires if you do this.

This video shows how to lean into a turn at high speed to help the trike to negotiate the turn without tipping over.