Every time I go riding I ride with Arthur Itis. You may not know him personally (I hope you don’t), but I rather imagine you have heard of him as he is quite well known. Ol’ Art is no friend of mine, but he is my constant companion. I really don’t like him at all and I would much rather ride without him, but alas, I have not been able to get rid of him. I have had bad knee joints for many years now and weight bearing activities are not part of my capabilities. Riding my tadpole trike is about the only form of exercise my knee joints can handle and even this is not without some pain and limitations. I find that I can usually ride about 19 to 24 miles before my knee joints start communicating with me. Even so I often can ride 35 miles or so without too much of a problem. I also have some arthritis in my neck which necessitates my using a head/neck rest when I ride.

There are two things I want to share with readers concerning riding and living with bad knee joints. First, I use a supplement called Dr. Williams Joint CPR. I have been using his joint supplements for several years now. I have tried several others but none helped much. This product I highly recommend as it is quite effective. Both of my knee joints are bone on bone and so bad that most people could not walk or function. But taking this supplement I am able to walk and function fairly normally. I just can’t remain up weight bearing for long periods of time.

joint cpr

The other thing I have discovered fairly recently is that using SPD shoes/sandals and pedals helps as I can get some relief by pulling back on the pedals instead of pushing down on them. I only do this briefly but it does seem to help.

SPD shoes and pedals

I assume eventually I will have to go the route of knee joint replacement surgery, but I am putting it off as long as I can. So with this supplement, daily exercise riding my tadpole trike and trying to lose weight I am able to do so. One of my goals is to …


for just as long as I can and like I do with everything it is a matter of “one day at a time”.