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would rather imagine that we have all heard the saying “in a perfect world” which is usually followed by a statement that a certain thing would exist or not exist. Well, that can be applied to our tadpole trikes. I will preface this by stating that not all trikes are created equal. Some are better designed, engineered and better built approaching perfection. I have long known about and practiced riding my trike using only a somewhat loose grip on the handlebars. In a perfect world … if the trike was properly engineered and made this approach works fine. I came across an article written about this subject. In short using a light touch or grip on the handlebars is desirable, recommended and works best. It just doesn’t take much “input” from the trike pilot to effectively steer a trike that is well designed and in proper mechanical condition. So don’t ride all tightened up … relax … loosen up. If you have never done so give it a try. Just don’t overdo it and loose control.  And don’t get so loosened up that you fall asleep.



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