Do you need a new mesh seat for your trike? HERE is a resource that can make you one. It is especially useful if you have a trike which is no longer made and no mesh seat is available anymore.  They also offer these services:


New seat mesh backs start at $75.00. New complete mesh seats start at $165.00. Prices are subject to change due to rising materials costs.

Features of Recumbent Seat Fix new seats —
Simplified designs with proven features and strong, quality materials
Self-adjusting Lace-Loop system, just like high end running shoes. No metal grommets which can pul out
​TorqStrap provides rider with strong area to push into, lower back support, and focuses power in strong part of seat
Minimized seams and maximized stitching
​Open back provides excellent ventilation
Design allows for variables in seat frame construction
​Phone consultation with the person making your seat
Handmade in Colorado, USA

Some of the available new seat options —
Choice of 2 styles mesh fabrics – standard and high density
Extra reinforcements for heavy or strong riders
Seat bottom pads of made from air-flow honeycomb gel
Considerations and modifications for special comfort needs as well as physical limitations
Custom requests may be possible — it never hurts to ask

It is good to know there are some resources we can turn to should the need arise. It can help us to …


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