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BILLY BONKERS … now I ask ya … where do they come up with these names? Schwalbe manufactures a lot of different tires. Have you ever taken a look at the list of tires they offer? And the names … just reading thru the list is good for a laugh or two. Billy Bonkers is made for mainly off road use. I like the tread pattern.

I would like to try these but I thought there is one major problem. At first I thought they only come in one size … 26 by 2.00, but I have since found them in 20 by 2.00. I wonder how they would do in snow.  If you give Billy Bonkers a try I would love to have you leave a comment telling us what you think of this tire.

Tire manufacturing has become quite a science over the last several years. It is nothing at all like it was when I was growing up as a kid.. With several different rubber compounds formulated for specific purposes and built in flat protection which really works for most of us I am sold on what is available nowadays.

Reading thru what this tire is designed for I have to admit it is not a tire that would benefit most of us on our trikes. Their description includes increased air time (the cycle remaining up in the air off of the ground). I don’t really think that is something I have any desire to improve upon. I kind of like staying down on the ground as much as possible. Anyway, if any of you try this tire please let us know what you think. Thanks.



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