have been an avid bicyclist most of my life. The only exception to that was my 8 years in the Navy and even 1.5 years of that while on shore duty I had a bicycle and rode it everyday weather permitting. I loved cycling but I will readily admit that it was hard on my body. I went thru the usual list of complaints  suffering a sore neck, aching hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, back and butt. As I aged to went from road bike with racing style handlebars to mountain bike with upright handlebars. I also tried different seats ending up with a super soft gel type seat. It all helped but truthfully I still hurt and suffered riding a bicycle.

I never kept track of my total mileage over the years but it surely was over 500,000 as I practically lived on bicycles.

I learned of recumbent bicycles so I decided to try one. I built my own recumbent bike and rode it until winter was coming on. I wanted to keep riding but riding a bicycle on snow and ice was not something I wanted to do … especially as I aged. I had learned of recumbent tadpole trikes so I made one and rode it thru the winter. Ah yes, great comfort, much more safe and lots of fun to ride. I quickly got hooked. I tried going back to my recumbent bike when Winter had passed and Spring had sprung, but I found that I much preferred riding my tadpole trike. Firteen years later I am still riding my trike. I sold my recumbent bike over 14 years ago and don’t miss it all. The recumbent bike had eliminated all my physical pain I had experienced from riding a diamond frame bike so I appreciated having them for a season in my life. But if I have one regret it is that I didn’t discover tadpole trikes much sooner than I did. Like Tony the tiger says …



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