reasons not to ride trike

We humans are very good at making excuses. I know I am guilty of it. I am doing it right now. When I got up this morning it was 31 Degrees F. and it is very slow warming up. I have not yet ventured out. I am waiting until later when it will be up into the 40s. If I wait long enough it will get into the 50s according to the forecast. I am finding that the older I get the less motivated I am to go out riding in colder temperatures. Just a few short years ago I thought nothing of going out when it was in the 20s. The strange thing is once I do go out I usually find that it is no big deal and I do just fine handling riding in those temperatures. For some reason though lately I am talking myself out of it and tell myself to wait until later when it will be warmer. In doing so, I don’t ride as far as I would have if I went out earlier in the day.

My friends that I often ride with bail out on me early. It is already too cold for them. One goes to Florida for 6 months while the other one stays home hibernating thru the colder weather. I am one of only about 3 or 4 people I see out riding on the trails thru the colder weather months. Even now in October the trails are nearly empty. Yesterday I saw one bicyclist, two tadpole trike riders (besides myself) and a man and his wife walking. That was it. The trail was barren of people otherwise. Sometimes I don’t see anybody else out there. Usually on a typical day in warmer weather I would see dozens of trail users out. And the temperature was in the 50s. I am amazed that people don’t/won’t come out even though the temperature is still fairly comfortable. I think most of us have become a bunch of wimps. My one friend will probably be out this afternoon when it warms up into the mid 50s. He will be bundled up like it is minus 50 degrees, but he will probably be out.

Wow, the temperature suddenly jumped from 37 to 41 on the update on my computer so now I really don’t have any excuse:) I reckon I better stop typing and start riding before I come up with some other excuse. I guess I need to go by the list of reasons above as to why I can’t ride my trike. I am not even going to let all those leaves piling up on the trail stop me …

riding thru leaves 3

Hey, I stayed up late last night working on this when I should have been in bed asleep. That’s my excuse and I am stuck with it … er … I mean …. I am sticking with it. I am out of here. No more excuses out of me … at least not until I sign out of here. I really do want to …


Uh Oh! I feel another excuse coming on. Woe is me! 🙂