Anyone up for a race? Just 35 miles west of where I live is a small town where they have recumbent races. Here is a video highlighting some of the racing. I found it interesting that the tandems and the velomobile were not competitive at all. They got passed like they were sitting still. I thought the velomobile would be leading the pack followed by the tandems.

If I were younger I might participate in something like this. But, alas, I am now an old man and age has caught up with me. I am sure that this was a fun event for those who raced.

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Here is proof that it really is all about the engine more so than it is the trike. Here a rider on a Catrike Trail races others including other trikes known to be “fast trikes”. He doesn’t win, but he places second beating all but one of those “fast trikes”. He loses to a Catrike 700, but he beat an ICE VTX (or Vortex ?) and a Catrike Speed. I am impressed watching this video.