One thing is for sure … sooner or later we will all go feet first as we all have an appointment with death. However while alive we have the choice before us to go feet first … riding a recumbent, that is. Many have already discovered the joyful pleasure and great benefits of doing so.

Yep, it is appointed upon man once to die followed by God’s judgement of us. There is no escape from it … no way to avoid it … no choice. But we do have a choice to ride a recumbent and by doing so experience so very many great benefits. They are far more comfortable than a conventional bicycle. They are safer, more fun and still offer great exercise which may even postpone your appointment with death. BTW, there is one way to avoid leaving this world feet first. That way is referred to as the “rapture” where those who belong to God  will be taken up off of this earth to meet the Lord Jesus in the air. That is going up “head first” avoiding death here on earth and going feet first. Meanwhile, my plan is to continue going feet first on my tadpole trike. If you have already tried it you know what I mean. If you haven’t tried it I invite you to do so. I don’t think you will regret it.



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