I readily admit that I don’t keep up with the adventures of Sylvia on her 9000 mile journey she started two weeks ago. That being said, I just checked out the latest she has posted and watched the YouTube videoHERE is a handy web page to do this.

Sylvia reports that it has been considerably cooler than she anticipated it would be. She has had to dress in several layers of clothing to stay warm. At least she has a warm comfortable place to sleep each night. Even Myrtle takes advantage of it.

On her most recent stopover she was met by a pastor who along with his wife are hosting her for a few days in their home.

Turtles are known to move along rather slowly but sometimes ol’ Myrtle will surprise us … 23 mph. I think she is going downhill.

I see that Sylvia’s YouTube  videos are not keeping up. She only has day 5 posted as I compose this. The current videos are available via links on the web page I mentioned earlier.

I would love to be able to ride a ways with her when she comes thru Indiana, however her route is too far south for me to be able to do so. I was just reading Sylvia’s testimony of traveling about 75,000 miles on her tadpole trikes since 2007. She has travelled in over 20 countries. I can’t make that claim but over the same period of time I have ridden my tadpole trikes over 108,000 miles. Most of that is on the local trails here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is highly unlikely I will ever travel by trike like Sylvia is doing but thru her and a few others I can share their experiences vicariously. She is several years younger than I am so she may eventually bypass my miles ridden. She will have to work hard at it though as my intention is to …


as long as I am able adding to my accumulated mileage.


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Sylvia Halpern with Moto-Myrtle

(A 700 watt EcoSpeed mid-drive electric motor assist tadpole trike)

Myrtle the Turtle, known far and wide among the recumbent trike world. (Myrtle is actually the name of the trike.) Sylvia Halpern is the owner’s name and she is well known among the recumbent trike world. And if you don’t yet know the name now is your opportunity to meet this world traveler. Travelling by tadpole trike many thousands of miles and sharing her adventures online we have the privilege of being/getting acquainted with Sylvia. She is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and her own website and probably other social media I am not aware of.  Among her articles is one about touring with e-assist. It is well written and I recommend it to you. Click HERE to do so. She has titled it “Why not use electric assist?”.

Whether you ride with or without e-assist …


You can get better acquainted with Sylvia via Gary Solomon’s interview with her when she was featured on the Laidback Bike Report …

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Here is an interesting website I just discovered thru the Facebook Recumbent Trikes Group. Many of us remember the song by Ricky Nelson, “I’m a travelling man”. Well, this here is a travelling woman and like the Beach Boys she can sure say “I get around”. Check out her website:

The Continuing Adventures of Myrtle the Turtle

Her name is Sylvia Halpern. She is on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Yep, she is a world traveler … on an HP Velotechnik Scorpion tadpole trike. It most definitely sounds like a lot of fun and adventure to travel around like she does … and on a tadpole trike!