Fellow triker, David Goldman, once again comes thru with a video worth watching.



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May is almost over but fellow triker David Goldman managed to get this video out while it is still May. (I almost typed April.) As usual he has a good message to us.

As much as I want to be out there riding I can’t. I am stuck here at home waiting on a technician from Frontier FIOS to show up to fix our internet service which has been going out frequently for a couple of weeks or more now. They said it was my router going bad so they sent me a new router which arrived yesterday. I hooked it up and it doesn’t work at all. I went back to my old router and it is working perfectly. And here I sit unable to go riding. We are having 4 days of rain with very few breaks in the rain where I could go riding. Boo Hoo! I really want to …



You are invited to come join the Tadpole Rider Facebook Group. Please note that in order to join you must first answer the two membership vetting questions and agree to comply with the group rules.


At 73 years old I no longer have much interest in the “Three R’s” I,  like everybody else, was dealing with as I was growing up. Oh, I still read some and most definitely I write (as should be obvious). Arithmetic … only when I have to. Over the last many years the writing part is mostly centered around the “riding” part of my life.

As some of you know I am a retired weldor and metal fabricator. That means I have a lifetime of working with mathematics. And as some of you know I built my first recumbent bicycle and then I built my first recumbent tadpole trike. Most definitely mathematics was involved in all that, especially getting the front end geometry correct so that the trike handled properly and safely. I do very little metal fabrication anymore so my onboard calculator may be getting a bit “rusty”. I don’t know that to be factual but I don’t have any intention of doing anymore fabrication so I will probably never know concerning this. I do, however, work at whatever is needed to keep my trike going. I have already fabricated most things for my trike I have need of so unless something happens to them I most likely won’t be making anything more from here on.

I have never liked to read so I don’t do a lot of it … never have. Subjects like reading, writing, English, literature, etc. were among my least favorite subjects in school. Most definitely my very favorite subject was Industrial Arts (metal shop and mechanical drafting). I also liked science and math … at least until it got into advanced math such as trigonometry, calculus, etc. I did great in math until I got to advanced algebra and advanced geometry. I had always been a straight A student. I had planned on going on to trig and calculus but with the struggle I had in advanced algebra and geometry I made the decision to drop the higher math from my junior and senior years of high school. Of course, I am glad I did as there is no doubt in my mind that I would have failed in those classes. That is my personal story and I am stuck with it. But, hey, I had no need of such math in my life so it was no big thing.

I retired from my welding profession quite a few years ago and truly riding my tadpole trike has become my full time job in retirement. I am usually riding 5 to 7 hours a day most days weather permitting. I do miss the welding but I knew sooner or later it would end. I look forward to riding my trike each day and bad weather bums me out. Of course, none of us know the future as far as what tomorrow may bring into our lives. We don’t even know what will happen the next second from now. No, we have no assurance of our next breath or heartbeat. And because we don’t it is so very important that we have the assurance Jesus Christ offers each of us … the assurance of being ushered into His presence upon death rather than having the demons of hell usher us into Hades. I won’t go on about it as I know many of you are already upset that I dare to mention this. For anyone who is interested you can read more about the subject by clicking on any of the links below.

Yep, I still am engaged in the 3 R’s … readin’, RIDIN’ n rithmetic, but mostly RIDING.

And may we all …


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Here is a video of a 44 mile long ride on a bike trail out in the Los Angeles area. Starting about 11 minutes into the video you can see the numerous homeless encampments set up along both sides of the trail. I have been informed that since this video was recorded all of these homeless encampments are gone.


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I spent 8 years as a sailor in the U.S. Navy but I never heard one of the sirens that are said to call out to sailors. I reckon I am glad no one else on the ships heard that enchanting music and singing voice bidding them to come. Now that I am a landlubber I am hearing a voice. Yeppur, my trike is calling me and I must go. That seems to be very real and applicable for me.

How about you? It is just mighty hard to resist. Hey, the truth is … I don’t want to resist. I truly enjoy every ride and look forward to the next one.

And it is not just my trike that is calling me. Places where I ride beckon me year around …

And seeing various sites, especially wild life, while I am out riding beckon me …

Well, to be honest I haven’t seen this one yet but I would like to. I don’t know if he is just taking a nap or if he croaked.


One might even see a rare sight like a Post Turtle …

I still haven’t figured out how they get up there. They always look so helpless on top of that post so I always help them down if I do come across them. In fact, I try to get all of the critters off of the trail or road so that they don’t get injured. Nope, ifin’ I were to stay home I would miss seeing something like this.

In fact, one just never knows what they might come across. I sure would not want to stay home and miss out on seeing something like this …

On second thought maybe I would be better off safe at home.

How bout this one? Now it looks safe enough and very intriguing. I mean you just don’t see something like this everyday …


This triker would probably be a lot safer encounter out on a trail than a lot of folks I encounter out there. One thing is for sure … they could not be any worse.

There is nothing on TV I want to see anyway. I would much rather be out enjoying fresh air and God’s wonderful creation. And I know I surely need the exercise.

Yep, I hear my trike calling out to me. Now if it would just warm up a little I would be on my way. I feel I am really missing out not responding to that beckoning call. I hear it now …  Come Steve and …


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There are more and more recumbent rallies and events starting up all the time and most are an annual thing. A few are very popular, organized and well attended. Some of them have become annual and are well known and attended.

Here are two online sources I have found that list recumbent rallies and events:


And you can always find them by doing a Google search.

Among the “biggies” is the Heart of Texas (HOT) rally …

The Midwest Recumbent Rally is another large and popular rally …

And sometimes there is even educational gatherings of various sorts (1 of 4 videos) …

And there is help with mechanical information on maintenance and repair …

Good tips, instructions and information are always appreciated.

There are even recumbent tandem rallies …

Yes, with the great increase in popularity of tadpole trikes and other recumbents more and more planned organized activities are taking place. So, do keep your eyes and ears open and just maybe some of us will meetup at one or more of the meetups. And may we all …


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trikes stopped along beach

Is life flashing past you? Maybe you need to slow up and enjoy life at the speed of a tadpole trike. I find it most rewarding and rejuvenating. God has said in His written word (the Holy Scriptures, the bible) that our life is like a vapor … here today, gone tomorrow. That certainly is true and the older we get the more we seem to notice it and agree with it. We eventually get to a point where we say to ourselves (and perhaps to others) … “where did our lives go? It seems like it was only a few years ago I was young and vibrant … able to do things I can no longer do … and remembering lots of differnet things in our past. There is nothing wrong with being busy just so we aren’t too busy. Being busy is better than being lazy and unproductive. Still though balance is needed in all things.

trikes stopped during group ride

One of the great benefits of riding a tadpole trike over a bicycle is the ability to somewhat safely “take in” more of our surroundings from our perch on the seat. Of course, like anything else there is a time we can do so and a time we need to pay full attention to our riding … for safety’s sake … ours as well as others.

Trike Hobo

Many of us know who this guy is. He refers to himself as “trike hobo”. That is somewhat fitting as one of the meanings of hobo is a carefree wanderer. I am sure he would readily testify as to the enjoyment he has experienced while riding his trikes.

tadpole trike pulling train

If you are a person who tends to speed along as fast as you can go maybe you need to hook up to something to slow you down like this triker did. (No, he isn’t really hooked up to the railroad car.)

So whether you are an international triker, a national triker, a regional triker or a local area triker like me by all means take advantage of the time spent in the saddle and enjoy all that you can each and every time you are out. Yes, enjoy life at the speed of a tadpole trike. And  do all that you can to …


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