I used to take our dog with me on rides. Unfortunately that ended as he developed health issues and was suffering so we had to make the hard decision to put him down.

A few years have passed and now we have a new puppy. So far he is not taking to riding with me as well as our first dog did. Our first dog would ride in an open basket just fine but this new puppy can’t be trusted. He will jump out. So something was needed to ensure that doesn’t happen. I came across this Sunlite basket with a top cage on it. It is working great thus far but I am concerned our puppy will all too quickly outgrow it. Hopefully if that happens I can go back to using the other basket I have hoping he will ride in it and  no longer try to jump out. Time will tell.

This basket is made to mount on a rear rack. It has quick release spring loaded clamps that hold it onto the rack. Of course, this is only good for small dogs. If you have a larger dog then you will need some other way to accommodate him or her. Probably the most practical thing is using a trailer. But if this basket appeals to you there are several sources where it can be purchased. Modern bike advertises the cheapest but they add on a $25 shipping charge. Whatever you decide to do enjoy the ride and having your dog(s) along. And …


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