TerraTrike is coming out with a new model they call Spyder.  Using their own words .to describe it ..  “designed for performance, the Spyder is stiffer and aerodynamic where it needs to be for acceleration and sustained speed, and yet compliant for comfort. All elements of the trike converge to deliver a performance machine which will satisfy your inner speed freak.” It will be interesting to see how this model measures up. Call me prejudice or whatever but there has never been a TerraTrike model which has impressed me. Looking thru the specifications I am already unimpressed. I see it has a 19 foot turning diameter. That is unacceptable for me. It needs to be down around 14 feet to “get er dun”.  I hate having to stop and zig zag back and forth to get around a corner because a trike won’t turn sharp enough. Terra Trike has always come up short in engineering in my opinion. They are just a cheap trike poorly made and have inherent problems out of the box. Anytime I see a Terra Trike I am reminded of Walmart bicycles.

This model costs almost $4000. For that amount of investment one could get a much higher quality better engineered trike such as a Catrike. I wonder if TerraTrike ever redesigned their steering heads and got the jerky side to side problem resolved. It says it is designed for sustained speed so I hope they fixed this problem as most TerraTrikes are downright scary to ride at even moderate speeds much less high speeds. The seat and it’s mounting looks weak and likely to fail.  It is beyond me why anyone would pay that much money and get so little for their money, especially when there exists much better products for the same price. I think they have a lot of people duped. Otherwise they would go out of business. Different strokes for different folks as they say. If I have offended you I am sorry but I call them as I see them. As a professional weldor I have a lifetime of repairing poorly made metal products … rebuilding, reinforcing and  yes … reengineering them. It is easy enough to recognize what I call junk which will fail. I simply can not recommend TerraTrike products … at least not their trikes. If you have $4000 to spend on a tadpole trike you could do much better than this brand.

Here is Larry Varney’s review of the TT Spyder …


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