Starting in 2009 when I bought my Catrike Trail which came with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires I started experiencing numerous flat tires. From there I tried other Schwalbe tires … Kojaks, Marathons,  and Trykers. The Tryker tires were the worst of the bunch. With all of them I contained to have nemerous flats. Finally I decided to try tire liners which helped but I still got a few flats, especially “internal flats” … flats which were caused by something inside of the tire rather than a puncture or cut from the outside. It turned out to be the tire liners which caused the internal flats.

Finally I decided to try the tire I had been hearing about … the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I made the foolish decision to use the tire liners inside of them. I guess my thinking was they add an extra measure of flat protection and I already have them so I might as well use them. Big mistake as once again I had internal flats. I removed the tire liners and never had anymore flats. I am sold on the Marathon Plus tires as being the best tire money can buy. They not only offer great flat protection but they wear excellent as well. I got phenominal mileage out of them.  I used them for many years until I decided to go the route of balloon tires. I knew of the Big Apple tires but upon reading about them I found out about the Big Ben tires. And with further reading I found out about Big Ben Plus tires. They too offer some flat protection similar to Marathon Plus but they offer  a lesser amount of protection. I decided to give them a try and have been using them since. I love them. I have never had a flat with them either.


I do use a heavy duty inner tube inside of them as there is plenty of room inside for them. They don’t wear nearly as good as the Marathon Plus tires but the ride and handling I really like. I keep reordering them so it is not likely I will change back to my beloved Marathon Plus tires anytime soon. Like so many things tire technology has came a long ways over the years.

Even some of the other tires like Marathons now have some flat protection built into them. It is so nice to ride and not have to deal with any flats.


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