I am sure most of us have experienced trail users do really stupid things like step right over in front of you just after you told them that you were going to pass them on their left side. It has happened to me numerous times … nearly every day that I go out riding. What is wrong with these people? Maybe they need to attend  a Basics-101 class.

I often find myself thinking … “I hope they don’t drive like they walk”. The trail rules are plain enough … “STAY TO THE FAR RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS”. It is not just a rule, it is common sense. Yet so many pay absolutely no attention to this. They walk right down the middle of the trail. To make matters worse they often meander around  going all over the trail. Most bicyclists do the exact same thing. There is no possible way to get past them unless and until you get their attention and cooperation to get out of the way. And rarely do they pay any attention to whether or not anyone else might be coming up behind them. I  have had trail users refuse to move over out of the way. Again, WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?

Of course, I don’t mind if they are over to the left when something is on the trail on the right side. I would be on the left along with them. I don’t even like to run over an insect.

Sometimes one just has to forget about continuing on down the road or trail. It is somewhat like “turn around, don’t drown” … except it is more like turn around, don’t become a victim. I ain’t messin’ with that.

One thing I have observed … people don’t have to be wearing earbuds to be “tuned out”. Of course, I am of the opinion that many people are tuned out due to taking drugs. I find that often when ordering food in a fast food restaurant. Many young people just seem to be in  a daze … in their own little world. They just stand there with a blank look on their face. They don’t even hear what I say to them. I have even had to get someone else to take my order. And I have spoken to the manager about what is going on.

Well, I doubt if this will ever change. It is just something we have to deal with. People will be people … with all their faults.



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This video has been posted on Facebook a few times. It is not only a bit funny but it is truthful. I have seen all of these reactions except the “diver”. I hope I never see it.

If EVERBODY would simply obey the trail rules it would simplify everything and make things much safer and easier for everybody. The trail rules require trail users to stay to the far right side of the trail but very few people do. Most walk/run/skate/ ride down the center or even left of center making it difficult or even impossible to pass them. Many meander around all over the trail making it a real mystery what they are going to do next. I don’t know how many times I have already said “PASSING ON YOUR LEFT” assuming they would move to their right like they are suppose to do only to have them stay in the middle or move further left blocking me off from passing them on their left.  I then have to change to “passing on your right”. Sometimes I say something more but usually it is a waste of breath. So I just pass them and try to forget about them as I continue on with my ride.

There are several videos on YouTube about this same subject. I looked at all of them but came back to this one as I thought it was best. BTW, this man has other videos he has made which are similar to this one but of different topics if you have an interest in them.

As long as there are people and as long as there is the sinful nature of man we are going to be dealing with all of this. IT IS WHAT IT IS! Do your best to … ENJOY THE RIDE and



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was going to title this “Stupid is as stupid does” but I have already used that title a couple of times before and I was talking about the same thing then. Nothing has changed. The trails are full of really stupid people. Today I was riding along and twice I came upon people on the trail who stepped out in front of me without even looking to see if anyone was coming. Now that was really stupid! I had to brake almost to a stop to keep from running into them. It was a good thing one of us was paying attention. They sure weren’t. And the way many cyclists ride it could have been disastrous.  This was a young couple with a young child. They didn’t have a clue I was behind them and what had just happened. And several other times today similar things happened. It is the same thing going to a grocery store. I see it all the time. People make a sudden move turning right in front of another shopper or they turn around 180 degrees right in front of another shopper. They don’t think to look to see if it is safe to do so. Stupid is as stupid does. Forest had it right!



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Some of you reading this will remember the television comedy series “Car 54, Where Are You?” … if you are old enough that is. Car 54, Where Are You?, was an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 1961 to April 1963, is the story of two New York City police officers based in the fictional 53rd precinct in The Bronx. Car 54 was their patrol car. Later “Adam 12” came along. It was no comedy. What does this have to do with tadpole trikes you ask? Absolutely nothing. Those two TV shows just pop into my head when I think about riding on trails and not seeing police patrolling the trails. I can understand why not. Our local trails are not busy enough to warrant and justify the cost. We do have a few police officers riding bicycles in town and on rare occasion they make an appearance on our trails … mostly near downtown. Some localities use horse mounted police to patrol trails.

Sorry, I could not help myself. I really like that picture. Somebody did a really good job of photo editing. One of my pet peeves is dealing with people who don’t obey the trail rules. They know they can and will get away with doing so. It is just like every Autumn home owners rake and blow their fallen leaves out into the streets. They know it is against the law but they also know that they will get away with it. To my way of thinking it would be an excellent opportunity and way of bringing income into the city’s coffer. Yep, just write tickets for violation of the law with a healthy fine to pay. Give the home owner 48 hours to remove the leaves from the street. If they fail to do so add an additional fine of several times as much as the original fine. For repeat offenders increase the original fine by at least twice as much. Changes, needed changes, could happen … could be accomplished …  if some effort was made. It is not likely to happen , but I tell ya … if I were in charge things would be different! 😉

Seriously,  I do wish something would be done to enforce the trail rules. But many people are rebellious and will do whatever they can get away with. That is just a fact of life and it is only getting worse. And it is exactly the way God’s Holy Word (the Bible) tells us it is going to be as we approach the very end of this age we are living in. See 2 Timothy 3:1-4.

Obviously without any enforcement of the trail rules we will just have to deal with the situation and accept that it is going to be this way. I call out Car 54, where are you … but I get no answer. Oh well, I will do my best to …


I hope you do too.

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Trail Rules sign

Did you know that trail rules don’t apply? That sure seems to be the attitude and position many take. I find this especially true among bicyclists. I would estimate that about 85 % of bicyclists do not obey the trail rules such as giving a warning they are passing other trail users. They obviously don’t believe the trail rules apply to them. Then there are those on foot who pay no attention to the instruction to stay to the right  except when passing. Many meander all over the place (paying no attention to others on the trail) making it impossible for other trail users to get by them without them getting over out of the way. Other trail users walk abreast of each other and take up the whole width of the trail. Many trail users have earbuds in their ears and can’t hear anything other than what they are listening to. The trail rules don’t apply to them either. Then there are dog owners … oh … they are something else. The trail rules (not to mention the state law where I live) require them to keep their dogs on a short leash under their control. But ol’ Fido gets to run free and just do whatever he wants including attacking cyclists and walking or running right out in front of them causing them to wreck. Definitely there are a whole lot of dog owners who don’t think the trail rules apply to them. One of my really big pet peeves is when they allow their dogs to poop right on the trail and then just walk away and leave it there. Now I don’t blame the dog, but I sure do blame them. What kind of a person would do such a thing? I would like to take a hold of them and shove their face right down in that pile of poop. Yeah, that is what I would like to do.

I find some folks have some very interesting attitudes and thinking about trail rules. Recently one person stated that the rules are “archaic” and senseless. That would be laughable if they weren’t serious. I believe most people would disagree with such a notion regarding trail rules … saying just the opposite. Rules are very much needed. People being rebellious by nature and “unrestrained” will self destruct and do major damage in society. So I say to anyone who thinks the rules don’t apply to them and are stupid or senseless you are guilty of “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” and are seriously in need of an attitude adjustment.

Trail Rules sign 2

There is nothing archaic or senseless about trail rules. They exist for very good reason. And none of us are exempt from them. God has commanded us to obey those in authority over us as long as man’s laws don’t violate His laws and commandments to us.

don't tune out

Just as I started writing this article I received an email from our local trails authority which included a list of the trail rules. Here is a portion of the email …

“Below are some fundamental rules that will help keep everyone safe:

+Walk and Roll on the Right. Pass on the Left.
+Use Bell or Voice When Passing. Slow down, allow the trail user to react and then pass the person on the left.
+Don’t Tune Out. Music is a great way to pass the miles but make sure you can still hear. Leave an ear bud out or keep your music low enough to hear other trail users.
+Use Caution on Blind Corners. When encountering a blind corner, slow down, stay right and use your bell or voice to say that you are proceeding. +Never pass on a blind corner or hill.
+Doggone it, Mind Your Pets. Keep your pet leashed and be sure to clean up after it. Dispose of the waste in a receptacle. Never, ever litter.”

They all make perfect sense to me … nothing archaic about them. The only thing I will say is concerning the “on your left”  announcement I think needs some improvement as it can be confusing to some people. I usually say “coming up behind you and will be passing on your left side”. Of course, many trail users have earbuds in their ears and don’t hear anything I say even though I say it loudly. Some people are on the left side of the trail so it isn’t possible to pass them on the left. If people would just obey the rules it would make everything so much better. We need to read and heed. One way or the other let’s all just try to get along out on the trails and …


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I will admit that every once in a while I come across signs that get my attention 🙂

stupid signs 1

danger thin ice 2

no parking beyond this sign


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