Hey, it is that time … sweethearts day. Why we observe it in mid winter instead of during nice weather I don’t understand. This picture shown above isn’t possible around here where I live. The snow and ice on the ground won’t permit it. So we must come up with other ways to observe Valentine’s Day. Even if we could ride on trikes riding side by side on a trail can cause issues for other trail users.

Even riding side by side on the same trike could be a problem as the trike may be too wide. It is a nice thought though.

This might work but it is not a trike … and no smoochin’ on this machine. Hopefully these two are not sweethearts. And thankfully these two below are. Otherwise I would probably have a black eye and large bump on my head.

I would rather smooch with my sweetheart inside anyway. Hope you have a happy sweetheart’s day.

And try to  …


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