In case you haven’t noticed it a whole lot of the nation (U.S.) is hot and humid lately. Are you still out there riding in it? If so, what are you doing to help fight the heat? Do you purposely ride in shady areas?

Do you have your own source of shade … a canopy?

Do you wear wicking clothing?

Do you use a cooling headband or neckwear?

BTW, some of it is capable of having ice cubes inserted in them or has built in liquid which can be frozen in a freezer prior to use.

How about a hand held mister fan?

Do you ride anyplace that has a mister installed for trail users?

Do you keep hydrated while out riding?

(I hope you don’t get this desperate.)

Maybe you know a fireman who can help you out …

Hey, speaking of misters … maybe you have a trail which goes thru a park where they use a misting system to water the vegetation …

Several years ago in Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana they had misters in use like this except there were a lot of them and just riding along the trail thru the park was quite refreshing. I wrote an article on misters several years ago. We have one on one trail installed next to a restroom. I have never seen anybody use it. I have just to try it out.

Of course, you can always just pour water on top of your head and cool off. I have done that many times. It is very effective.

Anyway, if you are riding out there in heat and humidity keep cool, man (or woman or boy or girl). We all want to …



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mister at NH Moser Park

It is that time of year when temperatures climb into the uncomfortable zone in many places in the world. Of course, some locations are miserably hot all the  time. Some people handle the heat and humidity better than others. Some of us have a very difficult time with the heat and humidity and we need all the help we can get.

mister with child playing

I imagine most of us have seen playgrounds with various sorts of water sprays, etc. for people to play in/under. Among them are what are known as “misters” as they spray a fine mist.

mister for watering vegetation

They are also used for watering vegetation in some places. We have this setup in a downtown city park. I remember the first time I ever rode thru the park when this watering system was turned on. It really felt good.

mister at NH Moser Park

In my area we have one mister installed at another city park in a neighboring community at the east end of the Maumee Pathway (which is my favorite local trail). Someone donated it to the city municipality. In the picture above the mister is on, but it is very difficult to see the fine spray in this image. Here is a close up view of it where you can see the fine mist a bit better:

mister at NH Moser Park closeup 2

It really feels good to stand in the midst of the mist as it cools ‘ya down without getting soaked. Of course, the longer one stands in the mist the wetter they get. In time a person could get soaked. So when I am hot while out riding there is a mister that can help me out. If you are fortunate to have one or more available where you ride you might enjoy it too. Just try yelling out “hey mister” and see what happens. 🙂 Hey, apparently it worked for this guy …

mister in use by cyclist 2

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